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George Seaton

George Seaton

Birthdate: April 17, 1911

Deathdate: July 28, 1979

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. George Seaton (April 17, 1911 – July 28, 1979) was an American screenwriter, playwright, film director and producer, and theatre director. Born George Stenius in South Bend, Indiana, Seaton moved to Detroit after graduating from college to work as an actor on radio station WXYZ. John L. Barrett played The Lone Ranger on test broadcasts of the series in early January 1933, b... ...detailed bio


Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

When the Cole's Santa Claus gets drunk before taking part in the Thanksgiving parade, Dorey Walker (Elizabeth Perkins), Cole's director of special events, fires him and must find a replacement immediately. She spots an old man (Richard Attenborough) berating the inebriated Santa, and begs him to ...

Showdown (1973)

Childhood friends Billy Massey and Chuck Jarvis go in opposite directions after Chuck ends up married to Billy's former sweetheart. Billy becomes a bank robber, Chuck a lawman. But they end up joining forces against common enemies in a final showdown.

Airport (1970)

This film was based on the novel by Arthur Hailey. With attention to the detail of day-to-day airport and airline operations, the plot concerns the response to a paralyzing snowstorm, environmental concerns over noise pollution, and an attempt to blow up an airliner. Demolition expert D.O. Guerre...

36 Hours (1965)

Having attended General Eisenhower's final briefing on the Normandy landings (D-Day), U.S. Army Major Jeff Pike (James Garner) is sent to Lisbon to confirm with an informant that the Nazis still expect the invasion in the wrong place. However, Pike falls into a trap; he is drugged into unconsciou...

The Counterfeit Traitor (1962)

Erickson (Holden) is an American-born Swedish oil man who is pressured by Allied intelligence agents, led by an acerbic British agent (Griffith), to spy for the Allies. Erickson begins his job reluctantly, as it causes marital discord and forces him to pose as a Nazi. He agrees because otherwise ...

The Pleasure of His Company (1961)

San Francisco debutante Jessica Poole hasn't seen her father "Pogo" Poole since the divorce between him and her mother Katharine, many years before. Pogo went off to travel the world and enjoy himself, while Katharine remarried to stodgy banker Jim Dougherty. Now Jessica is about to marry Roger H...

But Not for Me (1959)

Russ Ward is a Broadway producer who has been out of town. On returning to New York, everybody wants a piece of him: ex-wife Kathryn Ward, hard-drinking playwright Jeremiah "Mac" MacDonald, magazine reporter Roy Morton, business manager Miles Atwood and lawyer Charles Montgomery, one after anothe...

Teacher's Pet (1958)

Stone asks Gannon to speak before a night-school college journalism class. He turns down the invitation, writing a nasty letter to the instructor stating his viewpoint, but is ordered to go before the class by his managing editor. He finds the attractive Stone teaching the class. Before he is abl...

The Tin Star (1957)

Universally disdained, bounty hunter Morgan Hickman (Henry Fonda) arrives in a small town with a dead outlaw in tow. While the town's population openly abhors Hickman, young sheriff Ben Owens (Anthony Perkins) admires the man for taking everything in stride and knowing how to handle dangerous sit...

The Proud and Profane (1956)

In Noumea, New Caledonia 1943, Lee Ashley (Kerr), the widow of a Paramarine Lieutenant killed on the Battle of Bloody Ridge on Guadalcanal has joined the American Red Cross on the island to entertain American servicemen. Her leader at the service club, Kate Connors (Ritter) had initially been rel...

The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954)

U.S. Navy Lieutenant Harry Brubaker (William Holden) is a naval reservist called back to active duty from his civilian job as an attorney to fly jets in the Korean War. Returning from a mission with battle damage, he is forced to ditch into the sea and is rescued by a Sikorsky H-5 helicopter crew...

The Country Girl (1954)

In a theatre where auditions are being held for a new musical production, the director, Bernie Dodd, watches a number performed by fading star Frank Elgin and suggests he be cast. This is met with strong opposition from Cook, the show's producer. Bernie insists on the down-on-his-luck Elgin, who ...

Little Boy Lost (1953)

During World War II an American war correspondent, Bill Wainwright (played by Crosby), was stationed in Paris. He met and fell in love with a French singer, Lisa Garret (played by Maurey). They married and had a son, Jean. Wainwright was then assigned to cover the Battle of Dunkirk and after the ...

Anything Can Happen (1952)

The film follows Papashvily from his arrival and initial interview on Ellis Island, through his early jobs on New York's bustling Lower East Side. His friend, Nuri (Kurt Kasznar), who had arrived in New York earlier and speaks English, leads the way, telling Giorgi that he'll help him get an outd...

For Heaven's Sake (1950)

Angels Charles (Clifton Webb) and Arthur (Edmund Gwenn) try to convince a young cherub named Item (Gigi Perreau) to stop waiting to be born to Lydia (Joan Bennett) and Jeff Bolton (Robert Cummings). They are too busy acting in and directing plays respectively to start a family. They are also drif...

The Big Lift (1950)

Off-duty American airmen of the 19th Troop Carrier Squadron in Hawaii are ordered to report to their squadron in July 1948. What is briefed as a temporary "training assignment" in the United States becomes a flight halfway around the world to Germany for the C-54 Skymasters of the 19th, where the...

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947)

Cynthia Pilgrim is the top student of the first graduating class of the Packard Business College in New York City, and as such she is offered a position with the Pritchard Shipping Company in Boston. There she finds an office of men overseen by office manager Mr. Saxon. When Cynthia introduces he...

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn) is indignant to find that the person assigned to play Santa in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Percy Helton) is intoxicated. When he complains to event director Doris Walker (Maureen O'Hara), she persuades Kris to take his place. He does such a fine job that...

Diamond Horseshoe (1945)

Joe Davis Sr. owns a big nightclub called the Diamond Horseshoe. He is visited by his son Joe Jr. who is a medical student. Joe Jr. tells his father that he wants to be in show business, much to his father's disapproval. Nevertheless, Joe Sr. gives his son a job at his club where Joe Jr. then bec...

Coney Island (1943)

Coney Island is a 1943 American Technicolor musical film released by Twentieth Century Fox and starring Betty Grable in one of her biggest hits. A "gay nineties" musical (set in that time period) it also featured George Montgomery, Cesar Romero, and Phil Silvers, was choreographed by Hermes Pan, ...