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Geraldine Chaplin

Geraldine Chaplin

Birthdate: July 31, 1944

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Geraldine Leigh Chaplin (born July 31, 1944) is an English-American actress and the daughter of Charlie Chaplin. Description above from the Wikipedia article Geraldine Chaplin, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


The Impossible (2012)

English physician Maria Bennet (Watts), her Scottish husband Henry (McGregor) and their sons Lucas (Holland), Tomas (Samuel Joslin), and Simon (Oakley Pendergrast), are on Christmas holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand, in 2004. The tsunami triggered by that year's Indian Ocean earthquake floods the are...

Henry V (2012)

This is a BBC film of William Shakespeare's play of the same name.

There Be Dragons (2011)

There Be Dragons is a 2011 English-language historical epic film written and directed by Roland Joffé. It is a drama set during the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s and features themes such as betrayal, love and hatred, forgiveness, friendship, and finding meaning in everyday life. The film was rel...

And If We All Lived Together (2011)

Jean (Bedos) is a romantic revolutionary, yet enjoys the spoils of a bourgeois lifestyle with his wife, Annie (Chaplin). Annie is, a retired psychiatrist, who complains about not being able to see enough of her children and assorted grandchildren. Albert (Richard), is a friendly yet senile man, t...

The Monk (2011)

An abandoned baby is taken in by a Spanish monastery, and raised as a monk, christened Capuchin Ambrosio. An exceptional preacher, Ambrosio is respected by all. One day a masked figure by the name of Valerio arives at the monastery with his godfather, explaining the mask as necessary due to terri...

Americano (2011)

In Paris, the relationship between Martin (Demy) and Claire (Mastroianni) is at an impasse. His mother's death suddenly calls Martin back to Los Angeles to deal with inheritance formalities, the town where he spent his childhood. In Los Angeles he is helped by a family friend, Linda who takes him...

¿Para qué sirve un oso? (2011)

Ecological comedy about two brothers. Alejandro and Guillermo are two Asturian brothers lovers of Nature since they were children. Alejandro is a renowned zoologist who investigates wildlife and lives in the trees like an animal. Guillermo is an internationally renowned biologist, who has receive...

The Wolfman (2010)

In 1891, Ben Talbot is confronted by an unknown creature in the Blackmoor woods. He tries to escape, but is attacked, chased and killed by the beast. Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt), Ben's fiancée, has contacted his brother, Lawrence Talbot (Benicio del Toro), the world-renowned Shakespearean actor,...

The Mosquito Net (2010)

A bourgeois Catalan family are in a state of disarray. They are Miguel, his wife Alicia, their son Lluís, and Miguel's elderly parents. Lluís collects stray cats and dogs that now dominate the family apartment, much to his father's chagrin. Alicia is incapable of challenging the whims of her son ...

The Island Inside (2010)

Three siblings try fight the curse of an inherited sickness from their father: Schizophrenia.

L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo (2010)

In a small town in southern Italy in 1905, theatrical performances are accompanied by short silent film. An audience flees in terror as an image of a train tears towards them, projected on a makeshift screen, a large white sheet. Federico (Reggiani), is fascinated by this new film technology and ...

Imago Mortis (2009)

Bruno (Amarilla), a student at the rundown FW Murnau Film School comes across the thanatoscope, an ancient instrument of death. The instrument, created by scientist Girolamo Fumagalli immortalises on a plate the last image seen by the victim’s retina. The school's teachers, led by Countess Orsini...

Parc (2009)

Georges Clou (Lopez) is a successful salesman, enjoying the fruits of his labour as a resident of an exclusive gated community in the French Riviera. His life is seemingly idyllic, a beautiful home, a loving wife and a son. Appearances are deceptive as this idyllic vision is spoiled by the trauma...

Diary of a Nymphomaniac (2008)

Val, a young, middle-class woman with a strong desire for sex, finds herself destitute after an abusive boyfriend runs off with all her money, and begins to earn a living as a high-class call girl but finds herself enjoying this life more than she could have hoped - or feared.

Inconceivable (2008)

Dr. Freeman (Feore) runs a Las Vegas Assisted Reproductive Technology clinic. Eight of the nine women are inseminated and become pregnant, except Salome (Tilly) who manages to conceive naturally. After the births, investigative journalist Tallulah (McGovern) notices a striking resemblance between...

Ramirez (2008)

A lonesome guy finds himself in a downwards spiral of money, drugs and crime.

Talk to Me About Love (2008)

Sasha is a boy in his twenties, deeply loving the beautiful Benedetta, who doesn't seem to recognize his existence. Nicole is a French woman in her forties, living in Rome with her husband. They casually meet and start a friendship which becomes a sentimental education foe the boy.

The Orphanage (2007)

In 1976 Spain, a young girl named Laura is given up for adoption. Years later, a 37-year old Laura (Rueda) returns to the closed orphanage, accompanied by her husband, Carlos (Cayo), and their seven-year-old adopted son, Simón (Príncep). She plans to reopen the orphanage as a facility for disable...

Teresa, el cuerpo de Cristo (2007)

Teresa, el cuerpo de Cristo (English: Theresa: The Body of Christ) is a 2007 biopic written and directed by Ray Loriga and starring Paz Vega as the title character, Saint Teresa of Ávila. The film has been criticised by Spanish bishops for its erotic representation of the saint's visions, exempli...

The Hidden (2005)

At a conference of dream interpretation, the lives of three people will become inescapably entangled: Beatriz, hired to do public relations for the conference; Alex, a writer for an Internet publication covering the event; and Natalia, an audience member whose revelation of her dream sets off a c...