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Gigi Proietti

Gigi Proietti

Birthdate: November 2, 1940

Luigi Proietti detto Gigi (Roma, 2 novembre 1940) è un attore, regista, cantante e doppiatore italiano. Protagonista di molti film e di numerose fiction televisive di successo, personalità tra le più complete e valide dello spettacolo italiano, è considerato da molti l'erede artistico di Ettore Petrolini. Come attore teatrale è particolarmente apprezzato per le sue doti di affabulatore e trasformista. ...detailed bio


La vita è una cosa meravigliosa (2010)


Un'estate ai Caraibi (2009)

Several groups of Italians experience amusing adventures and tests of character on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Some of the characters are there simply for rest and relaxation, while others act with different motivations. Multiple plot lines unfold simultaneously as different characters' stor...

Un'estate al mare (2008)

The film tells the story of a group of people during the summer: football fans, loving couples, single fathers, beautiful women and businessmen, emigrants who return to their country and great dramatic actors forced into comic situations etc.

The Jokes (2004)


Febbre da Cavallo 2: La Mandrakata (2002)

Seguito de Febbre da cavallo!

"FF.SS." – Cioè: "...che mi hai portato a fare sopra a Posillipo se non mi vuoi più bene?" (1983)

The film begins with Renzo Arbore and Luciano De Crescenzo driving in Rome, while discussing an original idea for a new movie. They pass under the window of real-life filmmaker Federico Fellini, who is writing a screenplay entitled F.F.S.S (Federico Fellini Sud Story). A wind causes the screenpla...

Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (1978)

Natasha O'Brien (Jacqueline Bisset) is a celebrated pastry chef invited to London to assist in preparing a state dinner for the Queen, organized by culinary critic Maximillian "Max" Vandeveer (Robert Morley). Natasha's ex-husband, Robby (George Segal) is a fast food entrepreneur ("the Taco King")...

Beach House (1977)

Beach House (Italian: Casotto) is a 1977 Italian comedy film directed by Sergio Citti. It was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

Febbre da cavallo (1976)

Febbre da cavallo is a 1976 Italian comedy film directed by Steno and starring Gigi Proietti. It was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

Le farò da padre (1974)

The lawyer Mazzacolli wants to get his hands on the properties of a countess (Papas) and, helped by a local nobleman (Scaccia), staged the kidnapping of the countess' retarded child who had asked for her hand (Savoy). The move would force the hand of the countess, particularly for granting the us...

The Howl (1972)

The Howl (Italian: L'urlo) is a 1970 Italian comedy film directed by Tinto Brass. It was entered into the 20th Berlin International Film Festival.

Bubú (1971)

Bubù (also known as Bubu) is a 1971 Italian historical drama film directed by Mauro Bolognini. The film is a transposition, set in Milan and Turin, of the novel Bubu de Montparnasse by Charles-Louis Philippe.

Brancaleone alle Crociate (1970)

The film starts where L'armata Brancaleone has ended. Brancaleone da Norcia (again played by Vittorio Gassman) is a poor but proud Middle Ages knight leading his bizarre and ragtag army of underdogs. However, he loses all his "warriors" in a battle and therefore meets Death's personification (a c...

The Libertine (1969)

This is a sex comedy film about Mimi (Catherine Spaak), a young widow who discovers that her recently deceased husband kept a secret apartment for his kinky desires. Frustrated that he did not explore his sexual fantasies with his wife, she embarks on a quest to understand perversion and sexualit...