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Harold Vermilyea

Harold Vermilyea

Birthdate: October 10, 1889


Finders Keepers (1952)

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Edge of Doom (1950)

The story concerns a young mentally disturbed man, Martin Lynn (Farley Granger), who goes on a rampage after his sick mother dies. One of the man's biggest beefs is with the Catholic Church who, in addition to slighting him when his mother needed a priest, once refused to bury his father years ea...

Born to Be Bad (1950)

Donna Foster works for publisher John Caine. She agrees to have his niece, Christabel, live with her in San Francisco while attending business school. Christabel proves to be a scheming, socially ambitious woman. She flirts with Donna's fiance, the wealthy Curtis Carey, at a party for Donna's fri...

Manhandled (1949)

Struggling writer Alton Bennet explains to psychiatrist Dr. Redman how he has nightmares about murdering his wealthy wife, Ruth, who owns very valuable jewels. A private eye, Karl Benson, steals the office keys of Redman's private secretary, Merl Kramer, who is then framed after Ruth is found mur...

Chicago Deadline (1949)

Ed Adams is a reporter for a Chicago newspaper. By chance and pure unluck he is in a dodgy boardinghouse just when the body of a dead woman is found by a cleaning lady. The body belongs to a beautiful female tenant named Rosita Jean d’Ur. Ed is drawn to the dark, mysterious woman, and manages to ...

The Big Clock (1948)

The story is told in flashback. When it begins, George Stroud (Ray Milland), editor-in-chief of Crimeways magazine, is shown hiding from building security behind the "big clock" ? the largest and most sophisticated one ever built, which dominates the lobby of the giant publishing company where he...

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

Leona Stevenson (Barbara Stanwyck) is the spoiled, bedridden daughter of wealthy businessman James Cotterell (Ed Begley). One day, while listening to what seems to be a crossed telephone connection, she hears two men planning a woman's murder. The call cuts off without Leona learning very much ot...

The Miracle of the Bells (1948)

The story begins as Hollywood press agent Bill Dunnigan (Fred MacMurray), who works for a fictional movie studio, arrives by train with the body of Polish-born actress Olga Treskovna (Alida Valli), in her hometown, a city referred to affectionately by its population as "Coaltown" because of its c...