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Henry King

Henry King

Birthdate: January 24, 1886

Deathdate: June 29, 1982

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Henry King (January 24, 1886 – June 29, 1982) was an American film director. Before coming to film, King worked as an actor in various repertoire theatres, and first started to take small film roles in 1912. He directed for the first time in 1915, and grew to become one of the most commercially successful Hollywood directors of the 1920s and 1930s. He was twice unsuccessful... ...detailed bio


The Song of Bernadette (1943)

François Soubirous (Roman Bohnen), a former miller now unemployed, is forced to take odd jobs and live at the city jail with his wife (Anne Revere), his two sons, and his two daughters. One morning he goes to find work, and is told to take contaminated trash from the hospital and dump it in the c...

The Black Swan (1942)

After England and Spain make peace, notorious pirate Henry Morgan (Laird Cregar) decides to reform. As a reward, he is made Governor of Jamaica, with a mandate to rid the Caribbean of his former comrades, by persuasion or force if necessary. He replaces the former governor, Lord Denby (George Zuc...

A Yank in the RAF (1941)

In 1940, American-built North American Harvard training aircraft are flown to just outside Canada, where they are towed across the border for use by Britain. (The procedure is necessary to avoid violating the Neutrality Acts, as the United States is still neutral.) Cocky American pilot Tim Baker ...

Remember the Day (1941)

An elderly schoolteacher ("Nora Trinell") reflects on her life and teaching career while waiting to see "Dewey Roberts", formerly her student and currently a Presidential nominee. This film is reminiscent of "Cheers for Miss Bishop" and "Good Morning, Miss Dove".

Little Old New York (1940)

In this fictionalized account of the invention of the first successful steamboat, Clermont, engineer and inventor Robert Fulton (Richard Greene) comes to New York in 1807, where he meets tavern keeper Pat O'Day (Alice Faye). O'Day strongly supports Fulton and his visionary steamship, but her suit...

Stanley and Livingstone (1939)

Henry Stanley is a fearless newspaper reporter ready to do whatever it takes to get a story, regardless of any danger to his life. Colonel Grimes tells two peace commissioners sent from Washington DC that he cannot permit them to try to contact the Indians of the Wyoming Territory of 1870, as it ...

Jesse James (1939)

A railroad worker named Barshee (Brian Donlevy) forces farmers to give up the land the railroad was going to go through, giving them $1 per acre (much less than fair price) for it. When they come to Jesse's home, Jesse (Tyrone Power) tells Barshee that his mother Mrs. Samuels (Jane Darwell) is th...

In Old Chicago (1938)

The O'Leary family are travelling to Chicago to start a new life when Patrick O'Leary tries to race a steam train in his wagon. He is killed when his horses bolt. His wife Molly and their three boys are left to survive on their own. In town she agrees to prove her skills as a laundress when a wom...

Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938)

Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938) is a film released by Twentieth Century Fox that takes its name from the 1911 Irving Berlin (1888-1989) song "Alexander's Ragtime Band" to tell a story of a society boy who scandalizes his family by pursuing a career in Ragtime instead of in "serious" music. The fi...

Lloyd's of London (1936)

In 1770, youngster Jonathan Blake (Freddie Bartholomew) overhears two sailors discussing something suspicious in his aunt's ale-house in a Norfolk fishing village. He persuades his more respectable best friend, Horatio Nelson (Douglas Scott), to sneak aboard the sailors' ship with him. They overh...

One More Spring (1935)

One More Spring is a 1935 film about three people (Janet Gaynor, Warner Baxter, and Walter Woolf King) living together in the maintenance shed at Central Park as an alternative to living on the streets. The film was written by Edwin J. Burke from the Robert Nathan novel and directed by Henry King.

State Fair (1933)

State Fair (1933) is a movie directed by Henry King and starring Janet Gaynor, Will Rogers, and Lew Ayres. The film was based on a novel by Phil Stong. The 1933 version was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. It has some scenes that would be censored a few years later due to the Prod...

The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926)

The Winning of Barbara Worth is a 1926 American Western silent film directed by Henry King and starring Ronald Colman, Vilma Bánky, and Gary Cooper in his first feature role. Based on the novel The Winning of Barbara Worth by Harold Bell Wright, the film is about an engineer who vies with a local...

Romola (1924)

In Renaissance Florence, a Florentine trader meets a shipwrecked stranger, who introduces himself as Tito Melema, a young Italianate-Greek scholar. Tito becomes acquainted with several other Florentines, including Nello the barber and a young girl named Tessa. He is also introduced to a blind sch...

The White Sister (1923)

Angela Chiaromonte (Lillian Gish) and Captain Giovanni Severini (Ronald Colman) are deeply in love, but Angela's wealthy father, Prince Chiaromonte (Charles Lane), does not know this and arranges her marriage, without her knowledge, to the son of Count del Ferice (Roman Ibanez). However, the prin...

Tol'able David (1921)

Young David Kinemon, son of West Virginia tenant farmers, longs to be treated like a man by his family and neighbors, especially Esther Hatburn, the pretty girl who lives with her grandfather on a nearby farm. However, he is continually reminded that he is still a boy, "tol'able" enough, but no m...

A Sporting Chance (1919)