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Herbert Berghof

Herbert Berghof

Birthdate: September 13, 1909

Deathdate: November 5, 1990


Times Square (1980)

Nicky Marotta (Robin Johnson) and Pamela Pearl (Trini Alvarado) are two teenage girls who meet in the New York Neurological Hospital, where they are both being examined for mental illness. Pamela feels lonely and misunderstood, and is neglected and exploited by her father, a prominent and wealthy...

Harry and Tonto (1974)

Harry Coombes (Art Carney) is an elderly widower who is forced from his Upper West Side apartment in New York City when his building is condemned. He initially stays with his son's family in the suburbs but eventually chooses to travel cross country with his pet cat "Tonto" in tow. Initially pla...

Cleopatra (1963)

The film opens in 48 BC shortly after the Battle of Pharsalus where Julius Caesar has defeated Pompey. Pompey flees to Egypt, hoping to enlist the support of the young Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII and his sister Cleopatra. Caesar pursues and meets the teenage Ptolemy and the boy's advisers, who seem to d...

Red Planet Mars (1952)

An American astronomer obtains images of Mars suggesting large-scale environmental changes are occurring at a pace that can only be accomplished by intelligent beings with advanced technology. At the same time a colleague claims to have been contacting Mars by radio, first through an exchange of ...

Diplomatic Courier (1952)

Mike Kells is assigned by the State Department to fly to Salzburg and meet his old friend Sam Carew, who will pass a top-secret document to him. A passenger on the plane, Joan Ross, takes a liking to Mike and expresses a desire to see him again. Carew ignores him because he is apparently being t...

Assignment: Paris (1952)

Assignment Paris is directed by Oscar-awarded Robert Parrish, who had worked with Charlie Chaplin, Hal Roach, and John Ford in the 1920s and 1930s. Looking at his resume, he certainly worked his way up the ladder the old fashioned way. George Sanders plays Nicholas Strang, the wise editor of the ...

5 Fingers (1952)

Turkey, 1944: German ambassador Franz von Papen and his British counterpart Sir Frederic Taylor attend a reception and encounter Countess Anna Staviska, who is a Frenchwoman and the widow of a Polish count. Now destitute, the countess volunteers to become a spy for a fee, but she is turned down. ...