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Hildegard Knef

Hildegard Knef

Birthdate: December 28, 1925

Deathdate: February 1, 2002

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef (December 28, 1925 - February 1, 2002) was a German actress, singer and writer. Born in the German city of Ulm, she was billed in some English language films as Hildegard Neff or Hildegarde Neff. Description above from the Wikipedia article Hildegard Knef, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia ...detailed bio


Marlene Dietrich: Her Own Song (2001)

The films, affairs and struggles of the iconic star of The Blue Angel as told by Rosemary Clooney, Roger Corman, Deanna Durbin and many more.

Eine fast perfekte Hochzeit (1999)


Witchery (1988)

Gary (David Hasselhoff) and his gal pal Linda (Catherine Hickland) visit an island off the coast of Massachusetts where a haunted resort hotel looms to do research on witchcraft. They are joined by the Brooks family (including a pregnant Linda Blair), prospective buyers of the property. When a st...

Fedora (1978)

The film's central character is a reclusive foreign-born actress, one of the greatest movie stars of the century, who inexplicably has retained her youthful beauty despite her advancing years. In the opening scene she commits suicide by throwing herself in front of a train, and among the mourners...

The Lost Continent (1968)

The film begins with a ship slowly moving through mist and a pan shot down the vessel reveals an odd collection of people – Spanish conquistadores, priests, pirates, seamen and finally to the captain of ship who is reading the burial rites over a coffin. The coffin is subsequently ditched overboa...

Mozambique (1966)

An American pilot assists the Portuguese colonial police who are battling a gang of criminals involved in drug smuggling from Lisbon to Mozambique to Zanzibar.

Gibraltar (1964)

Gibraltar is a 1964 French thriller film directed by Pierre Gaspard-Huit and starring Hildegard Knef, Gérard Barray, Geneviève Grad and Elisa Montés. A secret agent goes undercover to infiltrate smugglers between Tangiers and Gibraltar.

Waiting Room to the Beyond (1964)

Waiting Room to the Beyond (German: Wartezimmer zum Jenseits and also known as Mark of the Tortoise) is a 1964 German crime film directed by Alfred Vohrer and starring Hildegard Knef.

Landru (1963)

During World War I, a seemingly respectable middle-aged man Henri Landru has devised an ingenious means of obtaining money to supplement his dwindling income. Adopting various assumed names, he lures middle-class women to his villa at Gambais just outside Paris, where he kills them and burns thei...

Ballade pour un voyou (1963)

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Subway in the Sky (1959)

Subway in the Sky is a 1959 British crime film directed by Muriel Box and starring Van Johnson, Hildegard Knef and Albert Lieven. An American soldier in West Berlin deserts and goes on the run when he is faced with a false murder charge eventually taking shelter with a cabaret singer.

La fille de Hambourg (1958)

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Holiday for Henrietta (1955)

Holiday for Henrietta (French: La fête à Henriette) is a 1952 French comedy film directed by Julien Duvivier and starring Dany Robin, Michel Auclair and Hildegard Knef. In 1962 it was remade in English as Paris When It Sizzles starring William Holden and Audrey Hepburn. While urgently trying to d...

Svengali (1954)

Svengali is a 1954 British drama film directed by Noel Langley and starring Hildegard Knef, Donald Wolfit and Terence Morgan. A svengali hypnotises an artist's model into becoming a great opera singer, but she struggles to escape from his powers. It was based on a novel by George Du Maurier.

Geständnis unter vier Augen (1954)

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The Man Between (1953)

Ivo Kern (James Mason) is a former lawyer who has participated in Nazi atrocities and is now selling his expertise to East Germans to kidnap and transport certain West Germans to the eastern bloc. Although Kern desires to relocate to the West, he is hampered by West German suspicions and his crim...

Diplomatic Courier (1952)

Mike Kells is assigned by the State Department to fly to Salzburg and meet his old friend Sam Carew, who will pass a top-secret document to him. A passenger on the plane, Joan Ross, takes a liking to Mike and expresses a desire to see him again. Carew ignores him because he is apparently being t...

Night Without Sleep (1952)

A composer, Richard Morton experiences blackouts and cannot account for his actions. He seems to recall a woman's screams and a conversation with his wife, Emily, but it's all a blur. Morton goes to see his friend John Harkness and is introduced to a film actress, Julie Bannon, and is attracted t...

Alraune (1952)

Alraune (also known as Unnatural) is a 1952 science fiction horror film directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt and starring Hildegard Knef in which a scientist creates a woman who is beautiful and yet soulless, lacking any sense of morality. It is based upon the German myth of Alraune in which a woman...

Nachts auf den Straßen (1952)

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