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Hugh Herbert

Hugh Herbert

Birthdate: August 10, 1884

Deathdate: March 12, 1952


She Had to Say Yes (1933)

Sol Glass (Ferdinand Gottschalk) owns a clothing manufacturing company struggling to survive in the midst of the Great Depression. Like his competitors, Glass employs "customer girls" to entertain out-of-town buyers. However, his clients have become tired of his hard-bitten "gold diggers" and hav...

Footlight Parade (1933)

Chester Kent (James Cagney) replaces his failing career as a director of Broadway musicals with a new one as the creator of musical numbers called "prologues", short live stage productions presented in movie theaters before the main feature is shown. He faces pressure from his business partners ...

Diplomaniacs (1933)

Barbers Willy Nilly and Hercules Glub have opened a barbershop in an Indian reservation, where they have no customers. When suddenly a white man asks for a shave, several Indians of the Oopadoop nation also enter, hearing the usual barbershop banter about foreign debts, they force them to be amba...

The Lost Squadron (1932)

Captain "Gibby" Gibson (Richard Dix) and his close friend "Red" (Joel McCrea) spend the last hours of World War I in the air, shooting down more of the enemy. They then return to America with fellow pilot and comrade "Woody" Curwood (Robert Armstrong) and their mechanic Fritz (Hugh Herbert) to an...

Hook, Line and Sinker (1930)

Two fast-talking insurance salesmen — Wilbur Boswell (Bert Wheeler) and J. Addington Ganzy (Robert Woolsey) — help penniless socialite Mary Marsh (Dorothy Lee) to turn a dilapidated hotel, which was willed to her, into a thriving success. They soon run into trouble, however, in the form of two se...

The Great Gabbo (1929)

The movie follows brilliant ventriloquist "The Great Gabbo" (Stroheim) who, as he spirals down into madness, increasingly uses his dummy "Otto" as his only means of self-expression—an artist driven insane by his work. Gabbo's gimmick is his astonishing ability to make Otto talk—and even sing—whil...