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Jack Watling

Jack Watling

Birthdate: January 13, 1923

Deathdate: May 22, 2001


11 Harrowhouse (1974)

In England, a small-time diamond merchant (Grodin) is unexpectedly offered the chance to supervise the purchase and cutting of an extremely large diamond to be named for its wealthy owner (Howard). When the diamond is stolen from him, he is blackmailed into pulling off a major heist at "The Syste...

The Nanny (1965)

Ten-year-old Joey Fane returns home from the special school he has attended since the death of his toddler sister. But at home he creates a terrible fuss, moving from the bedroom Nanny has prepared for him to one with a strong lock and access to the fire escape, refusing to eat anything Nanny coo...

Sink the Bismarck! (1960)

In 1939, the Nazi Germany's largest and most powerful battleship, Bismarck, is launched in a ceremony at Hamburg with Adolf Hitler attending. The launching of the hull is seen as the beginning of an era of German sea power. Two years later, in 1941, British convoys are being ravaged by U-boats a...

That Woman Opposite (1959)

In a town on the French coast, English antiques dealer Maurice Lawes (Wilfrid Hyde-White) is a witness to the night-time murder of a gendarme. The killer spots Lawes at his window, and realises he has been seen. The following evening, Lawes' daughter Janice (Petula Clark) finds her father also mu...

The Admirable Crichton (1957)

In 1905, William Crichton (Kenneth More) is the efficient butler in the London household of the Earl of Loam (Cecil Parker) and his family. Crichton knows his place in the highly class-conscious English society. The Earl insists that all men are equal, and to prove it, he orders his daughters to ...

Reach for the Sky (1956)

In 1928, Douglas Bader joins the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a cadet. Despite a friendly reprimand from Air Vice-Marshal Halahan for his disregard for service discipline and flight rules, he successfully completes his training and is posted to No. 23 Squadron at RAF Kenley. In 1930, he is chosen to ...

A Time to Kill (1955)

A Time to Kill is a 1955 British crime film starring Jack Watling, Rona Anderson, John Horsley and John Le Mesurier.

Mr. Arkadin (1955)

Guy Van Stratten, a small-time American smuggler working in Europe, is at the scene of the murder of a man named Bracco. The dying man whispers two names that he claims are very valuable, one of which is Gregory Arkadin. Using this small bit of information and lots of bluffing, Van Stratten manag...

The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1954)

The Sea Shall Not Have Them is a 1954 British war film starring Michael Redgrave, Dirk Bogarde and Anthony Steel. It was directed by Lewis Gilbert and is based on the 1953 novel by John Harris, set during the Second World War. Musical soundtrack by composer Malcolm Arnold. The film title is the m...

The Winslow Boy (1950)

Ronnie Winslow (Neil North), a cadet at the Royal Naval College, is accused of the theft of a postal order. An internal enquiry which grants him no chance of defence, finds him guilty and his father, Arthur Winslow (Sir Cedric Hardwicke), is requested to remove his son from the college. Unwilling...

Easy Money (1949)

In the first story, a comedy, a content suburban family, headed by Jack Warner, is turned into an unhappy lot when they believe that they have the winning coupon in the football pool. But when it's discovered that the winning coupon apparently wasn't mailed by the younger daughter (Petula Clark),...

Under Capricorn (1949)

In 1831 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Charles Adare (Michael Wilding) arrives with his uncle, the new governor (Cecil Parker). Charles hopes to make his fortune. He is befriended by Samson Flusky (Joseph Cotten), a prosperous businessman who is a former transported convict. Sam's wife, Lady...

The Way Ahead (1945)

In the days after the Dunkirk evacuation in Second World War, Lieutenant Jim Perry (David Niven), a veteran of the British Expeditionary Force, is posted to the (fictional) Duke of Glendon's Light Infantry,known as the 'dogs', to train replacements to fill its depleted ranks. A patient, mild-mann...