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Jacqueline Bisset

Jacqueline Bisset

Birthdate: September 13, 1944

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jacqueline Bisset (born 13 September 1944) is an English actress. She has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy Award. She is known for her roles in the films Bullitt (1968), Airport (1970), The Deep (1977), Class (1983), and the TV series Nip/Tuck in 2006. She has also appeared in several French productions and was nominated for a César Award for La cérémo... ...detailed bio


Welcome to New York (2015)


Death in Love (2008)

In 1940s Nazi Germany, a young Jewish woman in a Nazi concentration camp saves her own life by seducing the young doctor who performs medical experiments on prisoners. Decades later in the year 1993, that same woman (Jacqueline Bisset) is living in New York City and married with two grown sons. T...

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving (2008)

Widow Mary Bassett (Helene Joy) and her 3 children have hit difficult times on their farm; it is especially apparent when they cannot even afford a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner. Oldest daughter Tilly (Tatiana Maslany) writes to Mary’s wealthy and estranged mother Isabella (Jacqueline Biss...

Carolina Moon (2007)

Young Tory Bodeen (Forlani), is blessed - or maybe cursed - with clairvoyance. Her childhood best friend, Hope, is murdered and she leaves town. Years later she returns to open a retail store. Tory's father, an abusive religious fanatic and ex-con remains the prime suspect in the unsolved murder....

Save the Last Dance 2 (2006)

The film continues the story of Sara Johnson (originally played by Julia Stiles and now portrayed by Izabella Miko). She recalls how she was born to be a dancer. Her mother would often comment that she knew how to pirouette before she could properly walk. From her earliest memories Sara always wa...

Domino (2005)

Domino is a 2005 American action film directed by Tony Scott and written by Richard Kelly. Inspired by Domino Harvey, the English daughter of stage and screen actor Laurence Harvey, who became a Los Angeles bounty hunter, the plot flashes back as Domino (Keira Knightley), actress turned bounty hu...

The Fine Art of Love: Mine Ha-Ha (2005)

Thuringia, Germany, in the early 20th century. A group of young girls are brought up in a college within dark forests and gloomy dull lakes. Young Hidalla and her friends Irene, Vera, Blanka, Melusine and Rain are brought up in an isolated world: the girls don't know anything about life outside t...

Fascination (2005)

Young Scott Doherty (Adam Garcia) gets suspicious when his mother (Jacqueline Bisset) plans to wed Oliver Vance (Stuart Wilson) soon after her husband's untimely death. Scott investigates with Oliver's pretty daughter, Kelly (Alice Evans), who shared Scott's doubts about the upcoming nuptials. Al...

The Survivors Club (2004)

Jilian (Downey), Carol (Bisset) and Meg (Smith) share a devastating ordeal, they were all rape victims of a vicious killer. They decide to help the police in their hunt for the perpetrator. However on the first day of his trial he is assassinated by a sniper. His death makes suspects of the three...

Swing (2003)

Anthony is caught between dreams of being a musician and pleasing his father and fiance. Encouraged by his great uncle, Anthony finds inspiration from a mysterious older woman in an other worldly night club, who teaches him to find happiness through swing dancing.

Latter Days (2003)

Elder Aaron Davis, a young Mormon from Pocatello, Idaho, is sent to Los Angeles with three other missionaries to spread the Mormon faith. They move into an apartment next to openly gay party boy Christian Markelli and his roommate Julie, an aspiring singer. Christian and Julie work as waiters at ...

Britannic (2000)

In Southampton in 1916, the HMHS Britannic, a sister ship of the RMS Titanic, has been refitted as a hospital ship for soldiers fighting in the Gallipoli Campaign. Among the nurses who are to serve aboard her is Lady Lewis (Jacqueline Bisset), who is being delivered to Greece via Naples, where he...

Sex and Mrs. X (2000)

Joanna (Hamilton) is a magazine writer whose life is thrown into disarray when her husband leaves her for another woman. But she finds salvation when she is assigned to interview a Paris madame (Bisset) who inspires a sexual reawakening in her. == Cast ==

In the Beginning (2000)

In the Beginning is the story about the travels and travails of the tribe of Abraham (Martin Landau). Set around the year 2000 B.C., the narrative opens with "Genesis 12," wherein the LORD has told Abraham and company to leave their country to a land of milk and honey to be named later. In order ...

Let the Devil Wear Black (1999)

Jack, a grad student who has a history of mental illness can not get over the death of his father. Jack decides to take over his father's business. After receiving an anonymous tip that his father was murdered, he tries to put together the murder scheme. Soon after, he settles on his Uncle Carl a...

Joan of Arc (1999)

Joan of Arc is a 1999 two-part television miniseries about the 15th century Catholic saint of the same name. The film stars Leelee Sobieski as Saint Joan. A joint production of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Alliance Atlantis Communications, the film was shown internationally in 1999. ...

Jesus (1999)

Jesus (1999) is a Biblical telefilm that retells the story of Jesus. It was shot in Morocco and Malta. It stars Jeremy Sisto as Jesus, Jacqueline Bisset as Mary of Nazareth, Debra Messing as Mary Magdalene and Gary Oldman as Pontius Pilate.

Dangerous Beauty (1998)

Veronica Franco (Catherine McCormack) is an adventurous, curious, slightly tomboyish young woman in Venice. Her lover Marco (Rufus Sewell) cannot marry her because her family is not wealthy enough to provide a good dowry. Marco, a future Senator, marries a foreign noblewoman instead. Veronica's m...

La Cérémonie (1995)

La Cérémonie tells the story of an illiterate dyslexic young woman, Sophie Bonhomme (Sandrine Bonnaire), who is hired as a maid by the Lelièvre family. The Lelièvres live in an isolated mansion in Brittany. The family consists of four members: Catherine (Jacqueline Bisset) and Georges, the parent...

La Classe Américaine (1993)

The film begins with the following lines appearing on screen, complete with deliberate spelling mistakes: "Attention! Ce flim n'est pas un flim sur le cyclimse. Merci de votre compréhension." ("Attention! This flim is not a flim about cyclign. Thank you for your understanding.") The story begins ...