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Jeffrey Reiner

Jeffrey Reiner



12 Days of Terror (2004)

Based on true events that occurred 1—12 July 1916 in Central and Southern New Jersey, as recounted in the book of the same name by Richard Fernicola, the film recounts the 12 days during which people along the Jersey coast were subject to attacks by a shark (in the film it is a great white shark)...

Caught in the Act (2004)

After de-bunking her philandering spouse's deceptions, Jodie Colter accidentally stumbles onto the murder case of a former homecoming queen. She quickly finds that her natural snooping skills, honed on catching her cheating husband, can be put to even better use by bringing a killer to justice. W...

Columbo: Columbo Likes the Nightlife (2003)

Los Angeles rave promoter Justin Price helps his girlfriend Vanessa Farrow get rid of the corpse of her ex-husband, mobster Tony Galper, who was backing Price's new club, after he drops dead in Vanessa's apartment. He disposes of the body for her but unknown to him, tabloid photographer Linwood C...

The Real World Movie: The Lost Season (2002)

The plot revolves around an obsessed fan of the series, who goes crazy after being rejected during numerous Real World auditions, and kidnaps the cast of the latest season. He then imprisons them in a booby-trapped house of his own design, and films them in an attempt to create his own, deadly ve...

Another Day (2001)

Kate has been working a job she doesn't like and saving up to go to medical school. She discovers she's pregnant. Her boyfriend is of good conduct, but she and her boyfriend Paul disagree with her decision not to settle down. She drives all day to David's place, her best friend since childhood. S...

Deadly Game (1998)

When a 12 year old boy (Ryan de Boer) with an attitude witnesses a mob killing, the job of protecting him falls to a down-on-his luck cop (Tim Matheson).

BASEketball (1998)

At Game 6 of the 1977 World Series, Joe "Coop" Cooper catches Reggie Jackson's third home run in the stands and proclaims to his best friend, Doug Remer, that "One day, I'm gonna be a big sports star." 16 years later, Coop (Trey Parker) and Remer (Matt Stone) are 23 and unemployed and about to ha...

Serpent's Lair (1995)

Tom is seduced by a succubus (Lilith) who's out to drain him and destroy his marriage.

3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994)

Planning to go away to Japan with Grandpa is not as easy as Samuel "Rocky" Douglas (Sean Fox), Jeffrey "Colt" Douglas (Max Elliott Slade), and Michael "Tum Tum" Douglas (J. Evan Bonifant) had hoped. After expressing their different views on how they want to spend their vacation, Mori (Victor Wong...

Trouble Bound (1993)

Upon getting out of prison, a man who took the rap for some thief buddies gets together with them again, and tells them he's not interested in doing things with them any more. They stick a dead body in his trunk, unbeknownst to him, and he roars off to find his future. Unfortunately, they forgot ...

Cheerleader Camp (1988)

Alison (Betsy Russell) is a cheerleader at Lindo Valley who's grappling with feelings of inadequacy. Alison, along with her flirtatious boyfriend (Leif Garrett) and fellow cheerleaders, attend Camp Hurrah, a cheerleading camp, with hopes of winning the All State finals. Alison's haunted by nightm...