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John Berkes

John Berkes

Birthdate: June 13, 1895

Deathdate: July 5, 1951


Ace in the Hole (1951)

Chuck Tatum is a fiercely ambitious, self-centered, wisecracking, down-on-his-luck reporter who has worked his way down the ladder. He has come west to New Mexico from New York City, along the way being fired from eleven newspapers for slander, adultery, and heavy drinking, among other charges. N...

My Dream Is Yours (1949)

My Dream Is Yours is a 1949 musical romantic comedy film starring Jack Carson, Doris Day, and Lee Bowman. Doug Blake (Jack Carson) is dumped as a manager by Gary Mitchell (Lee Bowman). He goes to New York to find a new singer to replace Gary on the Hour of Enchantment radio show. While in New Yo...

Station West (1948)

Two soldiers have been robbed and murdered while guarding a shipment of gold. Into town rides Haven, a military intelligence officer traveling incognito. A beautiful saloon singer catches Haven's eye. After he meets Mrs. Caslon, who owns the gold mine, Haven hears that someone called "Charlie" is...

Inside Job (1946)

No overview found.

Blonde Alibi (1946)

Martha O'Driscoll fits the title role nicely in this B-noir thriller.

The Suspect (1944)

Philip Marshall (Charles Laughton) is a kind but henpecked accountant who strikes up an innocent friendship with a young stenographer (played by Ella Raines) who had approached him looking for work. He gradually finds himself falling in love with her, but keeps the relationship platonic. His wife...

Bowery at midnight (1942)

Bowery at Midnight (1942) is a horror film starring Bela Lugosi. Lugosi plays a psychology professor by day who, secretly and under an assumed name, runs a Bowery soup kitchen by night called the Bowery Friendly Mission. Lugosi's character uses his soup kitchen as a means to recruit members of a ...