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John Farrow

John Farrow

Birthdate: February 10, 1904

Deathdate: January 28, 1963

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Villiers Farrow, CBE (10 February 1904 – 27 January 1963) was an Australian, later American, film director, producer and screenwriter. In 1957 he won the Academy Award for Best Writing / Best Screenplay for Around the World in Eighty Days and in 1942 he was nominated as Best Director for Wake Island. Description above from the Wikipedia article John Farrow, licensed un... ...detailed bio


John Paul Jones (1959)

By age 17, John Paul, a native of Kirkbean Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland, is an experienced ship's navigator. In 1773, nine years later, he is master of a ship in the West Indies, but after an incident that results in the governor of Tobago advising him to leave, John Paul adds the surname Jones an...

The Unholy Wife (1957)

The film begins with Phyllis (Diana Dors) telling her story in flashbacks. It begins how she meets rich vintner Paul Hochen (Rod Steiger) from Napa Valley in a bar and marries him soon after. Not long after the marriage, Phyllis begins having an affair with a local rodeo rider, San Sanford (Tom T...

Back from Eternity (1956)

An aircraft is bound for Boca Grande, somewhere in South America, making a pick-up stop in Central America. Passengers: Jud Ellis (Gene Barry) is escorting his fiancé Louise Melhorn (Phyllis Kirk); repentant political assassin Vasquel (Rod Steiger) is being transported back to the proper authorit...

Around the World in 80 Days (1956)

The film begins with a special onscreen prologue introduced by broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow, and featuring footage of an early science fiction/fantasy film by Georges Méliès, A Trip to the Moon (1902), which is based loosely on From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne. Included also is ...

The Sea Chase (1955)

Captain Karl Ehrlich (John Wayne) is the master of the elderly German steam freighter Ergenstrasse, in port at Sydney, Australia on the eve of the Second World War. Ehrlich is depicted as a patriot, once a career naval officer who lost his rank and position having fallen out of favour with the cu...

A Bullet Is Waiting (1954)

A plane carrying a sheriff and a man indicted for manslaughter is wrecked on a lonely California beach and the prisoner manages to escape, after a struggle, only to be taken in hand by the female manager of a remote sheep ranch.

Ride, Vaquero! (1953)

Mexican bandit Jose Esqueda resents settlers in the Brownsville, Texas region and conducts raids against them. He threatens to burn down homes, including the ranch King Cameron has just built for wife Cordelia. Rio, raised like a brother to Esqueda, joins forces with him at first. But in time he ...

Plunder of the Sun (1953)

An American insurance adjuster, stranded in Havana, becomes involved with an archaeologist and a collector of antiquities in a hunt for treasure in the Mexican ruins of Zapoteca.

Hondo (1953)

Hondo Lane (John Wayne) arrives on foot at a ranch where Mrs. Angie Lowe (Geraldine Page) and her son Johnny (Lee Aaker) have been deserted by her husband for months. Part Apache, Hondo tries to avoid confrontation with war chief Vittorio (Michael Pate), but finally bails out inexperienced West P...

His Kind of Woman (1951)

Down on his luck, professional gambler Dan Milner (Robert Mitchum) accepts a mysterious job for $50,000. He is told to take a charter flight to Morro's Lodge, an isolated Mexican resort, where he will receive further instructions. Milner is attracted to the only other passenger, Lenore Brent (Jan...

Submarine command (1951)

Holden is cast as Commander White, who during an enemy attack orders that his submarine dive to avoid destruction and therefore loses the captain of the boat on the last day of World War II. The bulk of the movie follows his career in the Navy after the war as his doubt and guilt wears on his mar...

Copper Canyon (1950)

A group of copper miners, Southern veterans, are terrorized by local rebel-haters, led by deputy Lane Travis. The miners ask stage sharpshooter Johnny Carter to help them, under the impression that he is the legendary Colonel Desmond. It seems they're wrong; but Johnny's show comes to Coppertown ...

Where Danger Lives (1950)

Dr. Jeff Cameron (Robert Mitchum) tends to an attempted suicide victim named Margo (Faith Domergue) brought to San Francisco General Hospital. She later checks out, but sends him a telegram telling him her address in case he wants to hear her story. To his surprise, he finds she lives in a mansio...

Alias Nick Beal (1949)

District attorney Joseph Foster is determined to catch a gangster. He receives an offer from Nick Beal for his soul.

The Big Clock (1948)

The story is told in flashback. When it begins, George Stroud (Ray Milland), editor-in-chief of Crimeways magazine, is shown hiding from building security behind the "big clock" ? the largest and most sophisticated one ever built, which dominates the lobby of the giant publishing company where he...

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

The film opens in New Orleans, where John Triton (Robinson) is "The Mental Wizard", a nightclub fortune teller. During a show one evening, Triton suddenly urges an audience member to rush home, cautioning that her son is in danger. As the story unfolds, Triton struggles with his newfound psychic ...

Beyond Glory (1948)

West Point cadet Rocky Gilman (Alan Ladd) is court martialled for abusing a fellow cadet. Gilman is hounded by guilt over having caused the death of his commanding officer during World War II.

California (1947)


Calcutta (1947)

Commercial pilot in India attempts to avenge friend's murder.

The Hitler Gang (1944)

The Hitler Gang is a 1944 American pseudo-documentary film directed by John Farrow, which traces the political rise of Adolf Hitler. Described as a "documentary-propaganda" film by its studio, Paramount Pictures, the historical drama is based on documented fact and marks the first serious effort ...