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John Huston

John Huston

Birthdate: August 5, 1906

Deathdate: August 28, 1987

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. John Marcellus Huston (August 5, 1906 – August 28, 1987) was an American film director, screenwriter and actor. He wrote most of the 37 feature films he directed, many of which are today considered classics: The Maltese Falcon (1941), The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), Key Largo (1948), The Asphalt Jungle (1950), The African Queen (1951), Moulin Rouge (1952), The Misfi... ...detailed bio


Rocky Road to Dublin (2006)

Rocky Road to Dublin is a 1967 documentary film by Irish-born journalist Peter Lennon and French cinematographer Raoul Coutard, examining the contemporary state of the Republic of Ireland, posing the question, "what do you do with your revolution once you've got it?" It argues that Ireland was do...

Mr. North (1988)

In 1920s Newport, Rhode Island, Theophilus North (Anthony Edwards) is an engaging, multi-talented, middle-class Yale graduate who spends the summer catering to the wealthy families of the city. He becomes the confidant of James McHenry Bosworth (Robert Mitchum), and a tutor and tennis coach to th...

The Dead (1987)

The Dead is a 1987 film directed by John Huston, starring his daughter Anjelica Huston. The Dead was the last film that Huston directed, and it was released posthumously. According to Pauline Kael, "Huston directed the movie, at eighty, from a wheelchair, jumping up to look through the camera, wi...

Momo (1986)

In the ruins of an amphitheatre just outside an unnamed Italian city lives Momo, a little girl of mysterious origin. She is remarkable in the neighbourhood because she has the extraordinary ability to listen — really listen. By simply being with people and listening to them, she can help them fin...

The Black Cauldron (1985)

Taran is "assistant pig-keeper" on the small farm of Caer Dallben, home of Dallben the enchanter. Taran dreams of becoming a great warrior, but must stop daydreaming because his charge, the oracular pig Hen Wen, is in danger. The Horned King, a fearsome, skeletal, undead king who wears antler hor...

Prizzi's Honor (1985)

Charley Partanna is a hit man for a New York crime organization headed by the elderly Don Corrado Prizzi, whose business is generally handled by his sons Dominic and Eduardo and by his longtime right-hand man, Angelo, who is Charley's father. At a family wedding, Charley is quickly infatuated wit...

Under the Volcano (1984)

Under the Volcano is a 1984 film directed in Mexico by John Huston written by Guy Gallo with Albert Finney, Jacqueline Bisset, Anthony Andrews and Katy Jurado heading the cast. The film received Academy Award nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Albert Finney) and Best Music, Original Sc...

Lovesick (1983)

Psychologist Saul Benjamin takes on a patient temporarily as a favor to a colleague friend, Otto Jaffe, who is infatuated with her. After her doctor dies, Chloe Allen comes to see Dr. Benjamin and immediately he is smitten with her, too. The doctor-patient relationship is violated by Dr. Benjamin...

Annie (1982)

In 1933, Annie, a young orphan living in the Hudson Street Orphanage in New York City, thinks that her parents simply left her there. Annie attempts to flee to find her parents, but the orphanage's cruel and alcoholic supervisor Agatha Hannigan catches her and orders the orphans to clean up the o...

Cannery Row (1982)

The story is about the skid row citizens of Monterey, California, set on the row during World War II. As declining fish stocks are shutting down a previously rich fishery and the dependent canning industry, bums and hookers lead colorful and adventurous lives in a balmy seaside setting. Doc (Nic...

Escape to Victory (1981)

Association football plays a central role of the film. A team of Allied prisoners of war (POWs), coached and led by English Captain John Colby (Michael Caine), a professional footballer for West Ham United before the war, agree to play an exhibition match against a German team, only to find thems...

The Visitor (1980)

A young girl with telekinetic powers is the focus of a battle between good and evil. Katy Collins (Paige Conner) is no ordinary 8 year-old girl. Indeed, she is unique, carrying within her the power of Sateen, an inter-spacial force of immense magnitude. Katy's primary mission on earth is to carry...

The Return of the King (1980)

During the 129th birthday celebration for Bilbo Baggins in Rivendell, Frodo, Bilbo's nephew, tells the story of his quest to destroy the One Ring. Frodo begins his story with Samwise Gamgee, his friend and companion, treading through Mordor as Ring-bearer in Frodo's absence, as he is being held ...

Phobia (1980)

Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Ross (Glaser) M.D., is using radical techniques on his patients to cure them of their various phobias. He becomes terrified when someone starts murdering the subjects one at a time.

Winter Kills (1979)

Winter Kills is a 1979 film based on the novel by Richard Condon. Its cast includes Jeff Bridges, John Huston, Anthony Perkins, Eli Wallach, Richard Boone, Toshir? Mifune, Sterling Hayden, Dorothy Malone, Ralph Meeker, Elizabeth Taylor, Berry Berenson and Susan Walden. Most of the film was lensed...

Jaguar Lives! (1979)

A world's new kung-fu hero (Joe Lewis) is out to stop drug dealers, gangs and help save the world from an evil con (Christopher Lee).

Love and Bullets (1979)

FBI Agent Charlie Congers is assigned the case when a gangster's girlfriend, Jackie Pruitt, is being coaxed to give inside information to law enforcement that will put Joe Bomposa behind bars once and for all. It turns out that Jackie doesn't know much of anything useful to the FBI. The trouble i...

Wise Blood (1979)

Wise Blood is an American-German 1979 drama film directed by John Huston and based on the 1952 novel Wise Blood by Flannery O'Connor. It was filmed mostly in and around Macon, Georgia, near O'Connor's home "Andalusia" in Baldwin County, using many local residents as extras. Though largely faithfu...

The Greatest Battle (1978)

The Greatest Battle (Italian title Il grande attacco "The great attack"), also known as Battle Force and The Biggest Battle is an Italian Macaroni war movie.

The Rhinemann Exchange (1977)

During World War II, an intelligence officer is dispatched by the U.S. government to arrange an exchange in Argentina of industrial diamonds needed by the Germans for a secret gyroscope needed by the Allies.