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John Qualen

John Qualen

Birthdate: December 8, 1899

Deathdate: September 12, 1987


Knute Rockne, All American (1940)

Knute Rockne, All American is a 1940 biographical film which tells the story of Knute Rockne, Notre Dame football coach. It stars Pat O'Brien, Ronald Reagan, Gale Page, Donald Crisp, Albert Bassermann, Owen Davis, Jr., Nick Lukats, Kane Richmond, William Marshall and William Byrne. It also includ...

The Long Voyage Home (1940)

The film tells the story of the crew aboard an English cargo ship named the SS Glencairn, during World War II, on the long voyage home from the West Indies to Baltimore and then to England. The ship carries a cargo of high-explosives. On liberty, after a night of drinking in bars in the West Indi...

Blondie on a Budget (1940)

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Angel's Holiday (1937)

Lively June (Jane Withers), teen-aged daughter of mystery writer Waldo Everett (Jon Qualen), who calls her "Angel," becomes involved in intrigue centering on movie star Pauline Kaye (Sally Blane) and her companion Stivers (Joan Davis). Reporter Nick Moore (Robert Kent), once sweet on Pauline, is ...

Black Fury (1935)

Black Fury is a 1935 American crime film starring Paul Muni, Karen Morley, and William Gargan. It was adapted from the short story "Jan Volkanik" by Judge Michael A. Musmanno and the play Bohunk by Harry R. Irving. The story is based on a real-life 1929 incident in which John Barkoski, a striking...

Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)

Chan is on his way back from completing the London case—they always mentioned the previous case—to go on "vacation" to Paris, but this is just a way to make people think that he is innocently there. He is on a case for some London bankers and customers who say that some bonds from the Lamartine B...

Whipsaw (1935)

A group of thieves, one being a women named Vivian Palmer and the others being two men named Ed and Harry, break into various jewelry stores throughout Paris. Ross McBride, a U.S. government official, meets Vivian in a chance encounter as she and her cohorts attempt to flee the country with the s...

One More Spring (1935)

One More Spring is a 1935 film about three people (Janet Gaynor, Warner Baxter, and Walter Woolf King) living together in the maintenance shed at Central Park as an alternative to living on the streets. The film was written by Edwin J. Burke from the Robert Nathan novel and directed by Henry King.

Arrowsmith (1931)

An idealistic young medical student named Martin Arrowsmith (Ronald Colman) makes a favorable impression on Dr. Max Gottlieb (A. E. Anson). When Arrowsmith graduates, Gottlieb offers him a position as his research assistant, but the young man reluctantly has to turn him down. He has fallen in lov...