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Johnny Sekka

Johnny Sekka

Birthdate: July 21, 1934

Deathdate: September 14, 2006


Hanky Panky (1982)

An architect (Wilder) accidentally gets caught up in a web of intrigue and murder when he ends up on the run on false murder charges. Kate (Gilda) is a woman out to find her brother's killer. The two team up, but not before first thinking the other is the killer. The duo end up on a wild cross-co...

A Warm December (1973)

A Warm December is a 1973 film directed by Sidney Poitier and starring him in the lead role as Dr. Matt Younger. It also starred Jamaican actress Esther Anderson as Catherine, Matt's love interest. Anderson's role of an African princess won her a NAACP Image Award for Best Actress in 1973.A Warm ...

Khartoum (1966)

In 1883, in the Sudan, a force of 10,000 poorly-trained Egyptians under the command of British Colonel William "Billy" Hicks (Edward Underdown) is lured into the desert and slaughtered by Muslim zealots led by Muhammad Ahmad (Laurence Olivier), a fanatic Sudanese Arab who believes he is the Mahdi...

Woman of Straw (1964)

Connery's character Anthony Richmond schemes to get the fortune of his tyrannical, wheelchair-using tycoon uncle Charles Richmond (Richardson) by persuading Maria, a nurse he employs (Lollobrigida), to marry him. After his uncle's demise Anthony becomes a murder suspect. Lollobrigida's character ...

East of Sudan (1964)

During the height of the Mahdist insurrection in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, veteran colonial private Baker teams up with freshly arrived gentleman Murchison, trying to evacuate from southern Barash the emir's daughter Asua and her British governess, Margret Woodville. Over the course of the journe...