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Josef Hader

Josef Hader



"Aufschneider" Part 2 (2010)

About a pathologist with a complicated life. His problems with himself, his colleagues and patients who come down to him, dead or alive.

Die Verrückte Welt Der Ute Bock (2010)


The Bone Man (2009)

Jetzt ist schon wieder was passiert ... Ein Mann namens Horvath ist verschwunden, und die einzige Spur führt zum „Löschenkohl“, einer weithin bekannten „Backhendlstation“ in der Provinz. Und es wäre nicht der Brenner, wenn ihm in Löschenkohls Keller die Knochenmehlmaschine nicht einige düstere Rä...

Half a life (2009)

A young woman is found raped and bludgeoned to death. Her father can’t reconcile himself with her death, and even less with the fact that the murderer was never found. Half of his life he continues the search. Finally, after more than 20 years, as DNA-analysis becomes a factor in forensic medicin...

Josef Hader - Privat (2007)

Aufgezeichnet in der Burgarena Finkenstein Grossartig, die Szenerie der Burgarena Finkenstein. Josef Hader, der Solist, weiß entsprechend damit umzugehen. Die unsichere Gewissheit, dass der Mensch nur einmal lebt, hat viele Gesichter. Josef Hader vertont diese Gesichter in "privat" und macht uns ...

Hounds (2007)

No overview found.

Attwenger Adventure (2007)


C(r)ook (2004)

A killer for the Russian Mafia in Vienna wants to retire and write a book about his passion - cooking. The mafia godfather suspects treason.

Silentium (2004)

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Blue Moon (2002)

In a month with two full moons, Austrian petty criminal Johnny Pichler is hired to carry a bag of cash to the Slovakian border and deliver it to a gangster. Johnny arrives late in a battered taxi. He is forced into the car behind the gangster's beautiful but unhappy escort. Shirley, who is no bim...

Der Überfall (2000)

Looking around for a suitable place to hold up, Andreas stumbles into a tailor's shop. What was supposed to last only a few minutes ends up being a bizarre afternoon for three men: the tragicomic of the less-than-expert robber, the cranky tailor and a customer - a know-it-all who drives the other...

Come Sweet Death (2000)

Former police officer and luckless private investigator Simon Brenner has become an emergency medical technician, having been fired from the police force because he slept with his boss's wife. He only wants to keep out of trouble and keep a steady job for a while, but finds himself caught up in a...

Gelbe Kirschen (2000)


Born in Absurdistan (1999)

It all begins with a mistake, an error with serious consequences: in a hospital the new-born babies of an Austrian couple and a Turkish family of immigrant workers are mixed up and go home with the wrong parents. By the time the mistake comes to light, it emerges that the Turkish family, includin...

Cappuccino Melange (1993)


Indien (1993)

The main characters are Heinz Bösel (Josef Hader) and Kurt Fellner (Alfred Dorfer), who work for the tourist office in Lower Austria assessing guesthouses. Bösel is fond of beer and occasionally ill-behaved, while Fellner is more intellectual and refined, constantly asking his colleague Trivial P...