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Joseph Tomelty

Joseph Tomelty



The Black Torment (1964)

The film opens with an obviously terrified young woman Lucy Judd (Edina Ronay) running in panic through a nocturnal wood as the opening credits roll. She is finally tracked down and cornered by a figure in black who puts his hands around her throat. The scene then switches to daytime and a horse-...

Hell Is a City (1960)

Committed but seen-it-all police inspector Martineau rightly guesses that after a violent jailbreak a local criminal will head home to Manchester to pick up the spoils from his last job. Martineau is soon investigating a murder during a street robbery which seems to lead back to the same villain....

Tread Softly Stranger (1958)

The action takes place in the Yorkshire steel town of Rawborough – Rotherham was used for the extensive location filming – to which native son Johnny Mansell (George Baker) has fled after racking up large gambling debts in London. Johnny moves into a cramped flat with his brother Dave (Terence Mo...

Moby Dick (1956)

Set in 19th Century New England, the story follows the whaling ship Pequod and its crew. Leading them is Captain Ahab, who was almost killed by the "great white whale," Moby-Dick. Now he is out for revenge. With the crew that has joined him, Ahab is out to destroy the huge mammal, but soon he lea...

Devil Girl from Mars (1955)

Nyah commanding female alien dressed in black vinyl, is headed for London. She is part of the advanced team that is looking for men to replace the dying male population on their planet. However, because of damage to her spaceship caused by entering Earth's atmosphere, she is forced to land in the...

Simba (1955)

Alan Howard (Dirk Bogarde) visits Kenya to see his brother, who he discovers has been murdered by Mau Mau.

Hobson's Choice (1954)

Will Mossop (John Mills) is a gifted but unappreciated bootmaker employed by the tyrannical Henry Horatio Hobson (Charles Laughton) in his moderately upscale shop in 1880s Salford. Hard-drinking widower Hobson has three daughters. Maggie (Brenda De Banzie) and her younger sisters Alice (Daphne An...

The Sound Barrier (1952)

The plot involves John Ridgefield (Ralph Richardson), a wealthy owner of an aircraft company. Nigel Patrick plays test pilot Tony Garthwaite, a successful fighter pilot during the Second World War who is employed by Ridgefield after marrying Susan (Ann Todd), Ridgefield's daughter. Tensions betwe...

The Gentle Gunman (1952)

During World War II, Irish Republican Army members are captured in London after one of their members starts questioning their causes.