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Joshua Harto

Joshua Harto

Birthdate: January 9, 1979


Unthinkable (2010)

The film begins with an American Muslim man named Yusuf (Sheen), formerly named Younger, making a videotape. When FBI Special Agent Helen Brody (Moss) and her team see news bulletins looking for Yusuf, they launch an investigation, which is curtailed when they are summoned to a high school, which...

Iron Man (2008)

Playboy and genius Tony Stark, who has inherited the defense contractor Stark Industries from his father, is in war-torn Afghanistan with his friend and military liaison, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes to demonstrate the new "Jericho" missile. The convoy is ambushed and Stark is critically wound...

The Dark Knight (2008)

In Gotham City, The Joker and his accomplices rob a mob-owned bank. The accomplices kill each other off one by one in a sequence masterminded by the Joker, who escapes alone with all the money. Batman and Lt. Jim Gordon decide to include the new district attorney, Harvey Dent, in their plan to er...

Campfire Stories (2001)


The Believer (2001)

Daniel Balint is a former Jewish yeshiva student, brilliant but troubled, who is now a fanatically violent Neo-Nazi in New York in his early 20s. As a child, he often challenged his teachers with unorthodox interpretations of scripture. He once argued that the Binding of Isaac was not about Abrah...

Swimming (2000)

Swimming is a 2000 film starring Lauren Ambrose in one of her early film works as Francine "Frankie" Wheeler. The movie was directed by Robert J. Siegel.