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Jussi Lampi

Jussi Lampi



Love and Other Troubles (2012)

Love and Other Troubles (original Finnish title: Hulluna Saraan) is a 2012 Finnish romantic comedy film directed by Samuli Valkama. It stars Emilie de Ravin as Sara, an American line dance teacher, who meets Ville, a 25-year-old former child star, and his father, an ex-rock star, who both fall in...

The Flight Before Christmas (2008)

Niko, a young reindeer, was told by Oona, his mother, that his father is one of the "Flying Forces", Santa's flying sled reindeer. Niko dreams of joining his dad as a flying reindeer but he is unable to fly. While trying to fly with the encouragement of Julius, a flying squirrel who takes on the ...

V2: Dead Angel (2007)

V2: Dead Angel (Finnish: V2 – Jäätynyt enkeli) is a 2007 Finnish crime film directed by Aleksi Mäkelä. It is based on the novel Jäätynyt enkeli by Reijo Mäki. In the film private detective Jussi Vares investigates the homicide of a young woman that occurred in the city of Pori. It is the second f...

Matti: Hell Is for Heroes (2006)

Matti: Hell Is for Heroes (Finnish: Matti) is a 2006 Finnish biographical film about Finnish skijumper Matti Nykänen. The film was directed by Aleksi Mäkelä and written by Marko Leino. With 461,665 views it was the most watched film in Finland in 2006.

Rollo and the Spirit of the Woods (2001)

Hairy and rowdy creatures called rolleys sail to a land inhabited by more peace-loving elves. When the rolleys arrive to the elf village, they scare the elves away and settle down in the village. One of the elves, Milli, a brave elf girl, returns to the village to make a peace with the rolleys. T...

Rölli - hirmuisia kertomuksia (1991)

The film begins with Rölli going to look for some firewood. As he is about to chop an old tree, the tree begins to speak to him begging to instead collect the dead branches from the ground, promising that he'll repay the favour if he ever has the chance. All the while, Rölli is stalked by Big Röl...