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Kim Novak

Kim Novak

Birthdate: February 13, 1933

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kim Novak (born February 13, 1933) is an American retired actress. She is best known for her performance in the 1958 film Vertigo. Novak retired from acting in 1991 and has since become an accomplished artist of oil paintings. She lives with her veterinarian husband on a ranch in Eagle Point, Oregon, where they raise livestock Description above from the Wikipedia article Kim... ...detailed bio


Liebestraum (1991)

Two affairs, a generation apart. Nick (Kevin Anderson), a professor of architecture in upstate New York, comes to an Illinois town to be with his birth mother (Kim Novak) in the final days of her illness; he was adopted and has never known her. On the first day, he runs into Paul (Bill Pullman), ...

The Children (1990)

A middle-aged man's infatuation with a 15 year-old girl jeopardizes his social standing.

Sunless (1983)

Sans Soleil (French pronunciation: ?[s?? s?.l?j], "Sunless") is a 1983 French film directed by Chris Marker. The title is from the song cycle Sunless by Modest Mussorgsky. Sans Soleil is a meditation on the nature of human memory, showing the inability to recall the context and nuances of memory ...

The Mirror Crack'd (1980)

Set in the fictional English village of St. Mary Mead, home of Miss Jane Marple (played by Lansbury), in 1953, a big Hollywood production company arrives to film a costume movie about Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I with two famous movie stars, Marina Rudd and Lola Brewster (played by Taylor...

Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo (1979)

A Prussian officer (David Bowie) returns home to Berlin following the end of the Great War. Unable to find employment elsewhere, he works as a gigolo in a brothel run by the Baroness (Marlene Dietrich). He is eventually killed in street fighting between Nazis and Communists. Both sides claim his ...

The White Buffalo (1977)

Wild Bill Hickok is haunted by his dreams of a giant white buffalo. So much that he travels the West to find the beast. Along the way, Hickok meets Crazy Horse, who is also searching the plains for the giant white buffalo, who has killed Crazy Horse's daughter. Hickok and Crazy Horse team up to k...

Satan's Triangle (1975)

A USCG pilot and his winchman Haig (Doug McClure) answer an SOS call at sea and arrive at a derelict schooner, the Requite. Haig lowers himself to the ship, where he finds three dead bodies along with one survivor, Eva (Kim Novak), cowering in the cabin. As the pilot attempts to retrieve Haig and...

Tales That Witness Madness (1973)

In the Framing Story, a psychiatrist in a high tech modern mental asylum, Dr. Tremayne (Donald Pleasence), discusses a bold new psychiatric theory with colleague Dr. Nicholas (Jack Hawkins). Tremayne uses four patients who went insane - Paul, Timothy, Brian, and Auriol - to illustrate the theory,...

The Great Bank Robbery (1969)

A motley group of phony church leaders attempts to rob a bank controlled by brothers in 1880's Texas.

The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968)

Lylah Clare (Novak) is a dead film star. Movie-producer Barney Sheean (Borgnine) hires Elsa Brinkmann (Novak), the living image of the late Lylah, to star in a film based on Clare's life. Barney hires director Lewis Zarkan (Finch), Lylah's former husband, to transform the talentless Elsa into a f...

The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders (1965)

A bawdy story of how a poor damsel surrenders her virtue again and again to get to the top of society.

Of Human Bondage (1964)

After two unsuccessful years pursuing an art career in Paris, clubfooted Philip Carey decides to study medicine. He meets and falls in love with Mildred Rogers, a low-class waitress who takes advantage of his feelings for her. When she leaves him to marry another man, Philip falls in love with No...

Kiss Me, Stupid (1964)

While driving his Dual-Ghia from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, lecherous, heavy-drinking pop singer Dino (Dean Martin) is forced to detour through Climax, Nevada. There he meets the amateur songwriting team of Barney Millsap (Cliff Osmond), a gas station attendant, and piano teacher Orville J. Spoone...

Boys' Night Out (1962)

The three married men, George (Tony Randall), Doug (Howard Duff), and Howie (Howard Morris), and divorcé Fred (James Garner), are friends who commute to work from Greenwich, Connecticut to New York City on the same train. Seeing Fred's philandering boss, Mr. Bingham (Larry Keating), with his mist...

The Notorious Landlady (1962)

When American diplomat William Gridley (Lemmon) arrives in London, he rents part of Carly Hardwicke's (Novak) house from her and promptly begins to fall in love. Gridley doesn't know that many people think she killed Miles Hardwick, her British husband, as he has disappeared, but without a body, ...

Pepe (1960)

Mario Moreno ("Cantinflas") is Pepe, a hired hand, employed on a ranch. A boozing Hollywood director buys a white stallion that belongs to Pepe's boss. Pepe, determined to get the horse back (as he considers it his family), decides to take off to Hollywood. There he meets film stars including Jim...

Strangers When We Meet (1960)

Larry Coe is a Los Angeles architect who is married with two kids. He has a very bright wife, Eve. She is ambitious for him, but he wants to do work more imaginative than the commercial buildings he's been designing. He meets with Roger Altar, an author, to discuss building a house that will be a...

Middle of the Night (1959)

A 24-year-old divorcee, Betty Preisser, a receptionist for a clothing manufacturer, takes some office work home. Her boss, widower Jerry Kingsley, a man in his 50s, drops by to pick up the documents. He meets her mother, Mrs. Mueller, and sister Alice, who share the apartment with Betty. Professi...

Vertigo (1958)

After a rooftop chase in which his latent acrophobia results in the death of a police officer, San Francisco detective John "Scottie" Ferguson (James Stewart) retires, spending much of his time with his ex-fiancée Midge Wood (Barbara Bel Geddes). Scottie tries to gradually conquer his fear but Mi...

Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

During the Christmas holiday season, Greenwich Village witch Gillian Holroyd (Kim Novak), a free spirit with a penchant for going barefoot, has been unlucky in love and restless in life. She admires from afar her neighbor, publisher Shep Henderson (James Stewart), who one day walks into her galle...