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Laurence Mark

Laurence Mark

Birthdate: November 22, 1949

?Laurence Mark is an American film producer. He produced Dreamgirls, starring Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy, and Jennifer Hudson and written and directed by Bill Condon, which received three Golden Globe Awards, including one for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy), as well as eight Academy Award nominations, winning two of them.   Mark also received an Academy Award nomination for producing Best Picture ... ...detailed bio


Date and Switch (2012)

Matty and Michael are two best friends and virgins who vow to each other they will have sex before their senior prom. However, Matty tells Michael that he is gay, changing their quest.

How Do You Know (2010)

Softball player Lisa Jorgenson (Reese Witherspoon) is devastated when she is left off the Team USA roster. Unsure what to do next, Lisa begins dating Matty Reynolds (Owen Wilson), a pitcher for the Washington Nationals. She also receives an intriguing phone call from a young executive, George Mad...

Julie & Julia (2009)

In 2002, Julie Powell (Adams) is a young writer with an unpleasant job at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's call center, where she answers telephone calls from victims of the September 11 attacks and members of the general public complaining about the LMDC's controversial plans for re...

Center Stage: Turn It Up (2008)

The film starts with Kate Parker saying goodbye to her friends in Detroit and her sister because she is leaving home to go to an audition for the greatest dance school in America, the American Ballet Academy. Kate doesn't make it and instead of her Suzanne Von Stroh (Sarah Jayne Jensen) is chosen...

The Lookout (2007)

Driving with his headlights off down a country highway, showing his girlfriend, Kelly, and another couple swarms of fireflies illuminated in the summer night, Chris Pratt crashes his convertible into a combine stalled on the road. Chris and Kelly survive, but the other two do not. Chris' injuries...

Last Holiday (2006)

Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah), an employee in the cookware department at Kragen's Department Store in New Orleans, is a shy, unassuming woman who longs to cook professionally, and who records her dreams of a better life in a journal labeled "Possibilities." It is the Christmas holiday season. Whil...

Dreamgirls (2006)

As in the original stage musical, the plot of Dreamgirls is broken up into two acts: the first taking place from 1962 to 1966, and the second taking place from 1973 to 1975.

I, Robot (2004)

In 2035, anthropomorphic robots enjoy widespread use as servants for various public services. They are programmed with the Three Laws of Robotics directives: First Law: A robot must never harm a human being or, through inaction, allow any harm to come to a human. Second Law: A robot must obey t...

Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)

Intelligent but naive Beverly Donofrio (Drew Barrymore), a teenager when the movie begins in the early 1960s, dreams of becoming a writer. At 15, she and her best friend Fay (Brittany Murphy), go to a party. Fay finds her boyfriend Bobby while Beverly writes a letter to Sky, a popular football pl...

Glitter (2001)

Years later, the adult Billie (Mariah Carey) is a club dancer along with her foster-care friends Louise (Da Brat) and Roxanne (Tia Texada). They meet Timothy Walker (Terrence Howard), who offers a contract as backup singers/dancers to the singer Sylk (Padma Lakshmi). Initially, Billie refuses, ho...

Hanging Up (2000)

Hanging Up is a 2000 American comedy-drama film about a trio of sisters who bond over their ambivalence toward the approaching death of their curmudgeonly father, to whom none of them were particularly close. This film features Diane Keaton (who also directed), Meg Ryan, and Lisa Kudrow as the th...

Center Stage (2000)

After a series of country-wide auditions, 12 young dancers gain entry to the American Ballet Academy (which is loosely based on the School of American Ballet). They work hard, attending classes every day for weeks to make them the best dancers they can possibly be, and in preparations for a final...

Finding Forrester (2000)

Sixteen year old Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown) sleeps in his bedroom in New York City, surrounded by stacks of books, and then jumps up to go meet his friends on the basketball court. A recluse (Sean Connery) lives on the top floor of the building across from the basketball courts where Jamal and his...

Bicentennial Man (1999)

The NDR series robot "Andrew" (Robin Williams) is introduced in April 2005 into the Martin family home to perform housekeeping and maintenance duties. The family's reactions range from acceptance and curiosity to outright rejection and deliberate vandalism by their surly older daughter Grace (Lin...

Anywhere but Here (1999)

Adele August (Susan Sarandon) is an eccentric woman who, with her reluctant daughter Ann (Natalie Portman), leaves a small Wisconsin town and moves to Beverly Hills to realize her dreams. She may not know what those dreams are herself. Adele is confused and always tries to deal with matters the e...

Deep Rising (1998)

The film opens with an explanation about deep water trenches with undiscovered sea life. A boat is being piloted through a storm on the South China Sea by John Finnegan (Treat Williams). With him are his crewmen Joey "Tooch" Pantucci (Kevin J. O'Connor), and Joey's girlfriend Leila (Una Damon). F...

The Object of My Affection (1998)

Social worker Nina Borowski (Jennifer Aniston) is a bright young woman living in a cozy Brooklyn apartment. Nina attends a party given by her stepsister Constance (Allison Janney) and her husband, Sidney (Alan Alda). There Nina meets George Hanson (Paul Rudd), a young, handsome, and gay first gra...

Simon Birch (1998)

Simon Birch is a 1998 comedy-drama film loosely based on A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. It was directed and written for the screen by Mark Steven Johnson. The film stars Ian Michael Smith, Joseph Mazzello, Jim Carrey, Ashley Judd, and Oliver Platt. It omitted much of the latter half of t...

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997)

Romy White (Mira Sorvino) and Michele Weinberger (Lisa Kudrow) are two superficial 28-year-old friends living together in a beachfront apartment in Los Angeles, California. Romy works as a cashier in the service department of a Jaguar dealership; Michele's unemployed. They're both single and live...

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a glossy 35-year-old sports agent working for Sports Management International (SMI). After suffering a nervous breakdown as a result of stress and a guilty conscience, he writes a mission statement about perceived dishonesty in the sports management business and how ...