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Lee Aaker

Lee Aaker

Birthdate: September 25, 1943


Jeopardy (1953)

A family, the Stilwins embark on a vacation into desolate Baja California and a remote, deserted fishing spot along the coast the father used to frequent with his old military buddies. At a roadside barricade heading into the serious Baja outback, they are inspected by police but aren’t told abou...

Hondo (1953)

Hondo Lane (John Wayne) arrives on foot at a ranch where Mrs. Angie Lowe (Geraldine Page) and her son Johnny (Lee Aaker) have been deserted by her husband for months. Part Apache, Hondo tries to avoid confrontation with war chief Vittorio (Michael Pate), but finally bails out inexperienced West P...

O. Henry's Full House (1952)

O. Henry's Full House is a 1952 American anthology film made by 20th Century Fox, consisting of five separate stories by O. Henry. The film was produced by André Hakim and directed by five separate directors from five separate screenplays. The music score was composed by Alfred Newman. The film i...

Desperate Search (1952)

After taking off from Vancouver, a Douglas DC-3 airliner catches on fire and crashes in the Canadian north. On board were two young children, Don (Lee Aaker) and Janet Heldon (Linda Lowell), ultimately the only survivors. Their father, pilot Vince (Howard Keel) and his wife Julie (Jane Greer) joi...

The Atomic City (1952)

Frank and Martha Addison live in Los Alamos, where he does top-secret work as a physicist. They have a young son, Tommy, who goes with school mates to Santa Fe for a carnival, where teacher Ellen Haskell can't find him when Tommy's winning ticket in a raffle is announced. The Addisons receive a t...