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Lee Garmes

Lee Garmes

Birthdate: May 27, 1898

Deathdate: August 21, 1978


The Big Boodle (1957)

The Big Boodle is a 1957 film starring Errol Flynn set in Cuba. It was directed by RIchard Wilson who first met Flynn when he and Orson Welles hired Flynn's yacht for The Lady from Shanghai. Filming took place in Cuba in 1956, shooting mostly taking place in Havana with the climax shot at Morro C...

Man with the Gun (1955)

Clint Tollinger arrives in town, and is recognized as the "man in grey", a gun for hire who had a reputation for cleaning up other towns. After 14 killings in a year are followed by a night shooting and the burning of a house under construction, and the town marshall tells the town council he's n...

Actor's and Sin (1952)

Two-part story--the first is about a washed-up Broadway actor and his tough daughter, who is a bigger star than he is; the second is about a literary agent whose newest client--a nine-year-old boy--is the author of a borderline pornographic book.

The Captive City (1952)

As newspaper editor Jim Austin prepares his testimony before the Committee, the story flashes back to the events which led to his testifying. Mob boss Murray Sirak has the entire police force of Austin's small town under his thumb. Sirak takes his orders from an unseen "untouchable" Mister Big. A...

Caught (1949)

Young model Leonora Eames (Bel Geddes) marries multimillionaire Smith Ohlrig (Ryan). Ohlrig though is deranged and did not marry for love. Eames insists several times that she married for love, but the film suggests that she is deluding herself. When Ohlrig becomes too abusive, she leaves him, pe...

The Paradine Case (1947)

Maddalena Anna Paradine (Alida Valli) is a very beautiful and enigmatic young foreign woman living in London who is accused of poisoning her older, blind husband, a retired military man. It is not clear at first whether perhaps she is a grateful and devoted wife who has been falsely accused, or w...

Specter of the Rose (1946)

Specter of the Rose (1946) is a film written and directed by Ben Hecht, starring Judith Anderson, Ivan Kirov, Viola Essen, Michael Chekhov, and Lionel Stander and with choreography by Tamara Geva, and music by George Antheil. It is part ballet film and part murder mystery, with a male ballet supe...

Love Letters (1945)

Alan Quinton (Joseph Cotten), a soldier in Italy during World War II, has been writing letters for his friend Roger Morland (Robert Sully), a man who admits he "never had any standards, manners or taste." Alan has never met Victoria Remington, but regards her as a "pin-up girl of the spirit," to ...

None Shall Escape (1944)

In the trial, it is revealed that Grimm (Alexander Knox), who fought for Germany in World War I and lost a leg in battle, returns after the war to the small German village (now in newly-independent Poland) where he had been a teacher. Despite the recent hostilities, he is welcomed back into the c...

Guest in the House (1944)

Martha Proctor believes something evil has come to her home. Her nephew Dr. Dan Proctor arrives with his betrothed, Evelyn Heath, who is a frail invalid. Evelyn is introduced to Aunt Martha as well as Dan's older brother, Douglas, an illustrator, along with Douglas's wife Ann and his model, Miria...

China Girl (1942)

Cameraman Johnny and mercenary Major Bull Weed escape from a Japanese jail with help from the latter’s girlfriend Fifi. They steal a plane and land at a Flying Tiger base in Mandalay. Instead of joining the Tigers, Johnny makes a deal with Bull and Fifi to obtain a camera for him, offering them h...

Beyond Tomorrow (1940)

Engineers George Melton (Harry Carey) and Allan Chadwick (C. Aubrey Smith) work furiously to complete a design on time, even though it is Christmas Eve. Michael O'Brien (Charles Winninger), the third partner in the firm, arrives with presents for all and kindly lets their employees leave. The thr...

Angels Over Broadway (1940)

Angels Over Broadway is a 1940 drama film in which a hustler, a showgirl, and an alcoholic playwright try to help an embezzler win enough money to return what he stole before it is too late. Ben Hecht, who co-directed, produced and wrote the screenplay, was nominated for the Academy Award for Be...

The Scoundrel (1935)

Anthony Mallare (Coward) is a publisher who (it appears) wishes to ruin the life of every person he comes in contact with. Every sentence he says is like a poisoned dart aimed for the greatest damage, and delivered in cold lifeless tones. He is under no illusion regarding his own personality, rem...

Shanghai Express (1932)

In 1931, China is embroiled in a civil war. Friends of British Captain Donald "Doc" Harvey (Brook) envy him because the fabulously notorious Shanghai Lily is a fellow passenger on the express train from Beiping to Shanghai. When the name means nothing to him, they inform him that she is a "coast...

Scarface (1932)

Big Louis Costillo (Harry J. Vejar), the leading crime boss of the South Side of Chicago, is killed, apparently by Tony Camonte (Paul Muni) acting on the orders of Johnny Lovo (Osgood Perkins). Lovo then takes control of the South Side with Tony as his key lieutenant, selling large amounts of i...

City Streets (1931)

Nan Cooley (Sylvia Sidney), the daughter of racketeer Pop Cooley (Guy Kibbee), is in love with The Kid (Gary Cooper), a shooting gallery showman. Cooley tries to urge him to join the gang, in order to earn enough money to support her in the lifestyle she is accustomed to, but The Kid refuses. Soo...