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Lee J. Cobb

Lee J. Cobb

Birthdate: December 8, 1911

Deathdate: February 11, 1976

Lee J. Cobb, one of the premier character actors in American film for three decades in the post-World War II period, was born Leo Jacoby in New York City's Lower East Side on December 8, 1911.  The son of a Jewish newspaper editor, young Leo was a child prodigy in music, mastering the violin and the harmonica. Any hopes of a career as a violin virtuoso were dashed when he broke his wrist, but his talent on the ha... ...detailed bio


Double Indemnity (1973)

A scheming wife lures an insurance investigator into helping murder her husband and then declare it an accident. The investigator's boss, not knowing his man is involved in it, suspects murder and sets out to prove it.

The Exorcist (1973)

One of the most profitable horror movies ever made, this tale of an exorcism is based loosely on actual events. When young Regan (Linda Blair) starts acting odd -- levitating, speaking in tongues -- her worried mother (Ellen Burstyn) seeks medical help, only to hit a dead end. A local priest (Jas...

The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (1973)

The man who loved Cat Dancing is different from most westerns in that it is focused on relationships. This may not be surprising, in the light of the fact that the novel it is based on was written by a woman. In the movie, the woman (Sarah Miles) is really the central character, and the central m...

La polizia sta a guardare (1973)


Lawman (1971)

The film starts with a scene common to many Westerns, cowboys in a drunken state shooting up a town and wreaking havoc. The rowdies are from the town of Sabbath and are visiting the town of Bannock for a little recreation that gets out of hand. The town's marshal, Jered Maddox, rides into Sabbat...

The Liberation of L.B. Jones (1970)

The title character, a wealthy African American funeral director in fictional Somerset, Tennessee, seeks legal representation from the local law firm run by Oman Hedgepath and his newlywed nephew Steve Mundine. Jones is seeking a divorce from his considerably younger wife Emma, alleging she had a...

Macho Callahan (1970)

Placed behind bars during the war, Diego Callahan, also known as "Macho," travels to Texas looking for the man responsible for his imprisonment. He quarrels with a one-armed Army colonel named Mountford and kills him, observed by Alexandra, the officer's wife. Vowing vengeance, she immediately pu...

Mackenna's Gold (1969)

An old legend tells of a fortune in gold hidden in the "Cañon del Oro," guarded by the Apache spirits. Along with several others, a man named Adams found it when he was a young man, only to have the Indians capture and blind him, leaving him stranded in the desert after killing his companions. Ye...

Coogan's Bluff (1968)

Arizona deputy sheriff Walt Coogan is sent to New York City to extradite escaped killer James Ringerman. Detective Lieutenant McElroy informs him that Ringerman is recovering from an overdose of LSD, cannot be moved until the doctors release him, and that Coogan needs to get extradition papers fr...

Il giorno della civetta (1968)

Il giorno della civetta (also known as The Day of the Owl) is a 1968 Italian mafia crime thriller film directed by Damiano Damiani. Inspired by Leonardo Sciascia's novel with same title, it stars Claudia Cardinale and Franco Nero. It was released in USA in 1970. The film was entered into the 18th...

They Came to Rob Las Vegas (1968)

The wealthy Skorsky runs an armored-car service with high-tech surveillance and weaponry. He also has ties to a criminal organization and is being investigated by Douglas, a government law-enforcement agent. Tony Ferris takes a job as a dealer in a Las Vegas casino to become acquainted with Ann B...

In Like Flint (1967)

After observing the launch of a new space platform, Z.O.W.I.E. Chief Lloyd C. Cramden joins the President of the United States for a game of golf. While on the links they are interrupted by a small group,two women disguised as boys and the actor disguised as an old man from the Fabulous Face orga...

Our Man Flint (1966)

Spy extraordinaire Derek Flint (James Coburn) is an ex-agent of Z.O.W.I.E. (Zonal Organization for World Intelligence and Espionage) who is brought out of retirement to deal with the threat of Galaxy, a world-wide organization led by a trio of mad scientists: Doctor Krupov (Rhys Williams), Doctor...

Come Blow Your Horn (1963)

Buddy Baker is bored living with his parents. He goes to the big-city apartment of older brother Alan, who works for their father's artificial-fruit company but never lets business interfere with a good time. A confirmed bachelor, Alan is all too willing to teach his younger brother a few tricks,...

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962)

For this adaptation of the book, the time was changed from World War I to World War II.

How the West Was Won (1962)

=== The Rivers (1840) ===

Exodus (1960)

The film is based on the events that happened on the ship Exodus in 1947 as well as events dealing with the founding of the state of Israel in 1948. Nurse Katherine "Kitty" Fremont (Eva Marie Saint) is an American volunteer at the Karaolos internment camp on Cyprus, where thousands of Jews - Hol...

The Trap (1959)

Ralph Anderson returns to his remote California hometown for the first time in many years. Now a lawyer, he has been estranged from his father, Lloyd, and brother, Tippy, ever since being sent to reform school as a youth for stealing a car, taking the blame for his brother's crime. Lloyd is now s...

Green Mansions (1959)

A young man named Abel (Anthony Perkins) narrowly escapes Caracas, Venezuela after it is overtaken by rebels. He decides to seek revenge, as his father, the former Minister of War, was killed. After getting supplies, he takes a canoe to the far shore, where he is nearly killed by a leopard, but i...

But Not for Me (1959)

Russ Ward is a Broadway producer who has been out of town. On returning to New York, everybody wants a piece of him: ex-wife Kathryn Ward, hard-drinking playwright Jeremiah "Mac" MacDonald, magazine reporter Roy Morton, business manager Miles Atwood and lawyer Charles Montgomery, one after anothe...