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Lloyd Bridges

Lloyd Bridges

Birthdate: January 15, 1913

Deathdate: March 10, 1998

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lloyd Vernet Bridges, Jr. (January 15, 1913 – March 10, 1998), was an American actor who starred in a number of television series and appeared in more than 150 feature films. Bridges is best known for his role of Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt, the most-popular syndicated American TV series in 1958. He is the father of actors Beau Bridges and Jeff Bridges. Description above from t... ...detailed bio


Jane Austen's Mafia! (1998)

Like The Godfather: Part II, the narrative of Mafia! consists of a series of flashbacks interwoven with the main plot. Tony is the son of a prominent Mafia don, Vincenzo Armani Windbreaker Cortino. As the film opens, Tony introduces the main thread when he exits a Vegas casino and walks to his ca...

Blown Away (1994)

Ryan Gaerity (Tommy Lee Jones), an Irish terrorist, escapes from his cell in a castle prison in Northern Ireland. In faraway Boston, meanwhile, Lt. Jimmy Dove (Jeff Bridges) is a veteran bomb disposal technician for the Boston Police Department bomb squad. He irritates his captain, partner and e...

Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)

One night, an American special forces team invades Saddam Hussein's (Haleva) palace and a nearby prison camp to rescue captured soldiers from Operation Desert Storm and to eliminate Saddam, but they find the Iraqis prepared for them, and the entire rescue team is captured. This failed operation t...

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992)

It has been three years since "nutty" inventor Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) shrunk his kids. He and his family have now relocated from California to Nevada and have welcomed a new son into the family, 2-year-old Adam. His wife, Diane, is helping their daughter, Amy (Amy O'Neill) get all settled...

Hot Shots! (1991)

Hot Shots has been described as "Top Gun meets Airplane!". The film begins at Flemner Air Base 20 years prior. A pilot named Leland "Buzz" Harley (Bill Irwin) loses control of his plane and ejects, leaving his co-pilot Dominic "Mailman" Farnum (Ryan Stiles) to crash alone; although Mailman surviv...

Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)

Joe Banks (Tom Hanks) is a downtrodden everyman from Staten Island, working in a factory for an unpleasant, demanding boss, Frank Waturi (Dan Hedaya). Joyless, listless, and chronically sick, Banks regularly visits doctors who can find nothing wrong with him. Finally, Dr. Ellison (Robert Stack) d...

Cross of Fire (1989)

Cross of Fire is an American 1989 television miniseries based on the horrific rape and murder of Madge Oberholtzer by D. C. Stephenson, a highly successful leader of the Indiana branch of Ku Klux Klan. It stars John Heard as Stephenson and Mel Harris as Oberholtzer. Lloyd Bridges is also in the c...

Winter People (1989)

Into a small, poor Appalachian Mountains community in the Great Depression era arrive a young widower, Wayland Jackson, a clockmaker, and his 12-year-old daughter. Wayland becomes respectfully acquainted with Collie Wright, a single mother of a newborn child. As he becomes more familiar to the vi...

Cousins (1989)

Larry Kozinski (Danson) and Maria Hardy (Rossellini) meet at the marriage of Larry's uncle Phil and Maria's mother Edie (Aleandro). Newly made cousins-by-marriage, they find they have more in common than expected as their respective spouses, insecure Tish (Young) and boorish Tom (Petersen) begin ...

Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988)

Engineer Preston Tucker (Jeff Bridges) has been interested in building cars since his childhood. During World War II he designed an armored car for the military and made money building gun turrets for airplanes in a small shop next to his home in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Tucker is supported by his la...

The Wild Pair (1987)

A strait-laced FBI agent and a hulking, big-hearted narcotics cop team up to track down a drug lord associated with a militant hate group.

Weekend Warriors (1986)

Weekend Warriors is a 1986 film directed by Bert Convy. An alternative title is Hollywood Air Force.

Alice in Wonderland (1985)

=== Alice's Adventures in Wonderland === The first part opens with Alice (Natalie Gregory) helping Mother set the table for tea time. Although thankful for her daughter's help, Mother tells Alice that she is still not grown-up enough to join the adults at tea. Alice goes outside to see her s...

Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)

In the near future, the Moon has been colonized and supports a station on its surface. A lunar shuttle known as Mayflower One is being rushed to launch from Houston. The head of the ground crew, The Sarge (Chuck Connors), does not like what is occurring, but he defers to the airline's management....

Airplane! (1980)

Ex-fighter pilot and taxi driver Ted Striker (Robert Hays) became traumatized during an unnamed war, leading to a pathological fear of flying. As a result, he is unable to hold a responsible job. His wartime girlfriend, Elaine Dickinson (Julie Hagerty), now a flight attendant, leaves him. Striker...

Disaster on the Coastliner (1979)

Seeking revenge, a railroad employee puts two passenger trains on a collision course in this made-for-TV disaster movie.

Bear Island (1979)

A UN expedition of scientists from different countries come to barren arctic Bear Island, between Svalbard and northern Norway, to study climate change. However, several of them turn out to be more interested in the fact that (according to the film) there was a German U-boat base on the island du...

The Fifth Musketeer (1979)

The Fifth Musketeer is a 1979 film adaptation of the last section of the novel The Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas, père, which is itself based on the French legend of the Man in the Iron Mask. It was directed by Ken Annakin, and stars Beau Bridges as the twins, Sylvia Kristel as Maria ...

The Love War (1970)

Two warring planets agree to settle their conflict by each sending a trio of soldiers to Earth for a duel to the death. Disguised as human beings, they can only identify each other by using special visors. Kyle (Lloyd Bridges), one of the combatants, befriends and eventually falls in love with Sa...

The Happy Ending (1969)

1953: Through the course of a Colorado autumn and winter, Mary Spencer (Simmons) and Fred Wilson (Forsythe) lead an idyllic existence. Mary drops out of college (with 6 months to go) to marry Fred. Their perfect wedding mirrors the happy endings of the films Mary loves. 1969: It is the Wilsons' ...