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Loni Anderson

Loni Anderson

Birthdate: August 5, 1945

 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Loni Kaye Anderson (born August 5, 1945) is an American actress who played the role of Jennifer Marlowe on the television sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Anderson was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, August 5, 1945, the daughter of Maxine Hazel (née Kallin), a model, and Klaydon Carl "Andy" Anderson, an environmental chemist and grew up in suburban Roseville. As a senior at Alexand... ...detailed bio


Forever Plaid: The Movie (2008)

Forever Plaid: The Movie (aka Forever Plaid 20th Anniversary Special) is a 2008 American musical film, a recording of a live performance of a revival to the 1990 off-Broadway musical comedy Forever Plaid. Directed and written by Stuart Ross, this film was released on July 9, 2009. The film's runn...

A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

Wealthy Yemeni-American brothers Steve (Will Ferrell) and Doug Butabi (Chris Kattan) enjoy frequenting Miami nightclubs, where they bob their heads in unison to dance music (specifically Haddaway's hit song "What Is Love") and fail miserably at picking up women. Their dream is to party at the fam...

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998)

The film opens as normal while Samuel "Rocky" Douglas (Mathew Botuchis), Jeffrey "Colt" Douglas (Michael O'Laskey), and Michael "Tum Tum" Douglas (James Paul Roeske) are at the home of their Grandfather Mori (Victor Wong) for the summer to perform their ninja training. After being put to an obsta...

The Gambler V: Playing for Keeps (1994)

Brady Hawkes has to run to his son's rescue once again in this continuation of the Gambler stories. Jeremiah is now a young man who has become involved with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Brady pursues the gang in order to get Jeremiah out of the gang before he gets in too much trouble with ...

Munchie (1992)

Gage Dobson is a young boy dealing with various problems in his life. He is constantly bullied at school (by his fellow students AND the teachers), his mother, Cathy, (Loni Anderson) is dating the "creep" Dr. Elliot Carlisle (Andrew Stevens), with whom Gage has a mutual hatred, and the girl he ad...

All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

In 1939 New Orleans, Charlie B. Barkin, a roguish German Shepherd with a con man's charm, is working with his gangster business partner, Carface Carruthers, at a casino fashioned out of a derelict oil tanker. Not sharing the earnings, Carface frames Charlie and has him sent to a pound, but Charli...

The Lonely Guy (1984)

When shy Larry Hubbard (Steve Martin), a greeting card writer, finds his girlfriend Danielle (Robyn Douglass) in bed with another man, he is forced to begin a new life as a "lonely guy." Larry befriends fellow "lonely guy" Warren (Charles Grodin), who considers committing suicide. After going thr...

Stroker Ace (1983)

Stroker Ace is a popular race car driver from Waycross, Georgia, and (according to dialogue), a three-time champion, on the NASCAR circuit. An all-or-nothing man, he wins if he does not crash. He is arrogant and pompous, with no regard for the business side of his racing team. He also has an on-t...

The Jayne Mansfield Story (1980)

The film tells the somewhat fictionalized rise and fall of Hollywood bombshell and sex symbol, Jayne Mansfield. The Jayne Mansfield Story opens in 1967 in Mississippi with Jayne Mansfield closing a show and then talking on a payphone with Mickey Hargitay about going on a new tour together. Interc...

Vigilante Force (1976)

A small California town is overrun with unruly and rowdy behavior from oil-field workers. Aaron Arnold, a Vietnam War veteran, and the brother of one of the locals (Ben Arnold), is hired to assist the police in restoring the peace. Aaron hires mercenaries trained in combat to help. After controll...

Nevada Smith (1966)

A trio of outlaws – Bill Bowdre (Arthur Kennedy) and Jesse Coe (Martin Landau), led by Tom Fitch (Karl Malden) – robs, tortures and brutally kills the white father and Indian mother of young Max Sand (Steve McQueen). Max sets out to avenge their death. One killer keeps a tobacco pouch containing ...