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Louis Sackin

Louis Sackin



The Man on the Eiffel Tower (1949)

In Paris, a down and out medical student Johann Radek (Franchot Tone) is paid by Bill Kirby (Robert Hutton) to murder his wealthy aunt. A knife grinder (Burgess Meredith) is suspected, but Radek keeps taunting the police until they realize that he is the killer. The police and Maigret (Charles La...

Canon City (1948)

This account of a violent prison break is a semi-documentary opens with a newsreel type tour of the prison. Led by Carl Schwartzmiller (Jeff Corey), 12 convicts plan their escape and prisoner Jim Sherbondy (Scott Brady) is reluctant to go along with the group.

Repeat Performance (1947)

On New Year's Eve 1946, a woman is standing over her dead husband with a gun in her hand. She panics and goes to her friends for help. While seeking help from her friends at a pair of parties, she wishes that she could live 1946 all over again. Magically, because she wished exactly at the strike ...

Railroaded! (1947)

The innocent owner of a van used in a back-room bookie operation robbery is "railroaded" (informal, refers to the conviction of someone based on false or weak evidence without proper corroboration) for the killing of a cop during the getaway. Clara Calhoun is a beautician with a shop in New York....