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Louise Platt

Louise Platt

Birthdate: August 3, 1915

Deathdate: September 6, 2003


Street of Chance (1942)

Frank Thompson (Burgess Meredith), awakens in the middle of the street, after wreckage falling from a building in New York City hits him in the head. Frank soon discovers that his apartment has been rented out for a year and his wife Virginia has been living on her own elsewhere. Frank confronts ...

Stagecoach (1939)

In 1880, a motley group of strangers boards the east-bound stagecoach from Tonto, Arizona Territory to Lordsburg, New Mexico Territory. These travelers are unremarkable and ordinary at first glance. Among them are Dallas (Claire Trevor), a prostitute who is being driven out of town by the members...

Spawn of the North (1938)

Spawn of the North is a 1938 film about rival fishermen in Alaska starring George Raft and featuring Henry Fonda, Dorothy Lamour, and John Barrymore. The movie was directed by Henry Hathaway.