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Lubna Azabal

Lubna Azabal


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lubna Azabal is a Belgian actress, born in Brussels to a Moroccan father and a Spanish mother. After studing at the Conservatoire royal of Brussels, she began a theatrical career in Belgium. In 1997, she took her first film role when Belgian film-maker Vincent Lannoo chose her to act beside Olivier Gourmet in his short film J'adore le cinéma. She performs in both French and ... ...detailed bio


Rock The Casbah (2013)

Rock the Casbah is a 2013 French-Moroccan drama film written and directed by Laïla Marrakchi. It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 ceremony of Toronto Film Festival. C’est l’été à Tanger. Une famille se réunit sur 3 jours dans la maison familiale suite au décès du pè...

Goodbye Morocco (2012)


Here (2012)

Set against the gorgeous landscape of Armenia, Here chronicles a brief but intense relationship between an American satellite-mapping engineer (Foster) and an expatriate photographer (Azabal) who impulsively decide to travel across the remote countryside. As their trip comes to an end, the two mu...

Free Men (2012)


Coriolanus (2011)

In a modern-day alternate version of Rome, riots are in progress after stores of grain are withheld from citizens and civil liberties are reduced due to an on-going conflict between Rome and neighbouring Volsci. The rioters are particularly angry at Caius Martius (Ralph Fiennes), a brilliant Roma...

Headwinds (2011)


Comme les cinq doigts de la main (2010)

Five brothers similar yet different, raised by a mother widowed too early. One of them had left the family when he returns, pursued by a gang of smugglers, he find shelter in his family while reveling them a dark secret. The five brothers, together, will find the energy to defend themself and the...

Incendies (2010)

After their mother succumbs to a stroke she suffers at a community swimming pool, twin brother and sister receive final requests in their immigrant mother's will. To fulfill her wishes, they must journey to her birthplace in an unnamed Middle-Eastern country (based on Lebanon during the Lebanese ...

Caged (2010)

Caged (French: Captifs) is a 2010 French horror film directed and co-written by Yann Gozlan. The film is about a woman named Carole who is traumatized after seeing her friend Laura being killed by a dog twenty years ago. Carole works as an aid worker in former Yugoslavia and begins to leave from ...

I Am Slave (2010)

I Am Slave is a 2010 television film produced for Channel 4 on the story of one woman's fight for freedom from modern-day slavery. It premiered on Channel 4 on 30 August 2010. The movie is mostly based on Mende Nazer, a British author, human rights activist and a former slave in Sudan.

Sisters (2009)

Lyon, France in 1970s, Sibylle, Corinne, and Georgette are sisters who share everything, as they live with their Italian mother. Sibylle is the only blonde in the family, except for their father who abandoned them, and she feels isolated. She dreams of meeting her French father one day.

Body of Lies (2008)

Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a CIA case officer in Iraq, tracking a terrorist called Al-Saleem (Alon Abutbul). He meets Nizar, a member of the terrorist organization who is prepared to offer information in return for asylum in America. Despite his boss Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe)'s objectio...

24 mesures (2007)

Le temps d’une nuit, quatre destins se télescopent. Une prostituée, un chauffeur de taxi mystique, une jeune lesbienne et un musicien de jazz : tous ont des comptes à régler avec la vie. La question est : y arriveront-ils à temps?

Strangers (2006)

Strangers or The Strangers may refer to:

Paradise Now (2005)

Paradise Now follows Palestinian childhood friends Said and Khaled who live in Nablus and have been recruited for suicide attacks in Tel Aviv. It focuses on what would be their last days together. Their handlers from an unidentified resistance group tell them the attack will take place the next d...

Les temps qui changent (2004)

Antoine, a successful French civil engineer, travels to Tangiers to supervise the construction of buildings for a large media center. His real motivation, however, is to seek out his first love from thirty years before, Cécile. Having discovered that Cécile lives in Tangiers, he begins anonymousl...

25 degrés en hiver (2004)


Exils (2004)

The viewer is not intended to like nor dislike either character. Zano is meant to be brooding and profound to the point of being sulky, and world-hating and Naima wildly passionate to the point of being slutty and insane; and both far too self-absorbed to care about either one of the other. The p...

Aram (2002)

=== Background === Historically, the film is loosely based on the militant activity of small groups of Armenian youth in mostly Western Europe beginning in 1973 and lasting until 1994 during which Armenian assassins killed representatives of the state of Turkey in order to gain public awareness...

Almost Peaceful (2002)