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Marcel Bozzuffi

Marcel Bozzuffi

Birthdate: October 28, 1928

Deathdate: February 2, 1988


Identification of a Woman (1982)

Niccolò (Tomas Milian) is a successful Italian filmmaker searching for a woman to inspire his next film and perhaps fill the romantic void left by his recent divorce. At his sister's gynecology office, he answers the phone and speaks briefly with a young woman named Mavi Luppis (Daniela Silverio)...

Contraband (1980)

Luca Di Angelo (Fabio Testi) works for a notorious smuggler in Naples, Italy. However an up-and-coming French crime boss known as the Marsigliese sets off a gang war, killing off his brother and a number of other smugglers. Luca has to join forces with rival smugglers, mafiosos and well the local...

La Cage aux Folles II (1980)

A spy plants a capsule of microfilm on Albin and from then on spies and government agents pursue him. Albin and Renato travel to Italy to hide at Renato's mother's farm. At each point along the way we see the straight world's reaction to Albin.

The Passage (1979)

During World War II, a Basque farmer (Quinn) is asked by the French resistance to help a fleeing scientist (Mason) and his family escape across the Pyrenees Mountains to safety in neutral Spain. On his trail are a group of Germans, led by a sadistic Nazi officer (McDowell).

March or Die (1977)

Soon after the Great War, Major Foster (Hackman), the commander of a detachment of the French Foreign Legion, suffers the haunting memories of leading an army of 8,000, now reduced to 200. He has become an alcoholic as a result, and his only friend is his faithful Sergeant, Triand (Rufus Narcy). ...

Judge Fayard Called the Sheriff (1977)


Colt 38 Special Squad (1976)

When his wife becomes the latest innocent victim of a merciless Marseilles crime lord (Ivan Rassimov), police captain Vanni (Marcel Bozzuffi) goes beyond the law to form a secret squad of rogue cops, each armed with an unlicensed .38 Colt Diamondback revolver. As Vanni and his vigilante crew take...

Illustrious Corpses (1976)

The film starts with the murder of District Attorney Vargas in Palermo, amongst a climate of demonstrations, strikes and political tension between the Left and the government. The subsequent investigation failing, the police assign the protagonist Inspector Rogas (Lino Ventura) to solve the case....

Rome, the other face of violence (1976)

The story concerns a special undercover squad attached to the Rome police force and commanded by Inspector Betti. Through various episodic encounters, including the tragic shooting of Betti's partner, who is later attacked and savagely beaten in his wheelchair, a portrait emerges of a city immers...

The Gypsy (1975)


Caravan to Vaccarès (1974)

Caravan to Vaccarès is a 1974 British-French action film directed by Geoffrey Reeve and starring David Birney, Charlotte Rampling and Michael Lonsdale. It was loosely based on a novel by Alistair MacLean.

The Murri Affair (1974)

Fatti di gente perbene (internationally released as Drama of the Rich and The Murri Affair) is a 1974 Italian historical drama film directed by Mauro Bolognini. It is based on real events of a notorious 1902 murder trial. It was awarded with a David di Donatello for Best Film.

Valdez Horses (1973)

Chino Valdez (Bronson) is a lonely horse breeder, whose life is thrown into turmoil when a young runaway turns up at his door looking for work.

Les hommes (1973)


Images (1972)

Wealthy housewife and children's author Cathryn (Susannah York) receives a series of disturbing and eerie phone calls in her home in London one dreary night. The female voice on the other end suggests mockingly to her that her husband Hugh (Rene Auberjonois) is having an affair. Cathryn's husband...

Daisy Town (1971)

Crossing the plains, a wagon train comes across a solitary daisy growing out of the vast wasteland. The leader of the expedition decides that the rest of their party will set up their new town on the site. In honor of the flower, the citizens name the new homestead, 'Daisy Town. However, no soone...

The French Connection (1971)

In Marseilles, an undercover detective is following Alain Charnier (Fernando Rey), a wealthy French criminal who runs the largest heroin-smuggling syndicate in the world. The policeman is assassinated by Charnier's henchman, Pierre Nicoli (Marcel Bozzuffi). Charnier plans to smuggle $32 million w...

The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (1970)

Dany Longo is blonde, beautiful, disturbed, passionate--and nearsighted. As she speeds through the south of France in a purloined Thunderbird on an errand for her employer and his wife, no one, including Dany herself, knows where she is headed--or why she is going there.

Z (1969)

The story begins with the closing moments of a rather dull government lecture and slide show on agricultural policy, after which the leader of the security police of a right-wing military-dominated government (Dux) takes over the podium for an impassioned speech describing the government's progra...

Life Love Death (1969)

François Toledo, married businessman and father, falls head-over-heels in love with Janine, a work colleague. However, he is soon found out: after three dates, he strangles some prostitutes, when, the victim of blackmail, he becomes dishonoured. He is taken to court, and sentenced to death on the...