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Mark Margolis

Mark Margolis

Birthdate: November 26, 1939

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mark Margolis (born 26 November 1939) is an American actor, who has been making films since 1976. Margolis went to Temple University briefly before moving to New York City, where he studied drama with Stella Adler and at the Actors Studio. He is perhaps most famous for his supporting roles in Scarface and the films of Darren Aronofsky: ?, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, ... ...detailed bio


The Abandoned (2015)


Northern Borders (2015)


The Courier (2012)

"The Courier" lives under pathetic circumstances in a very derelict flat where he even talks to a mouse that he has adopted as his pet. When he visits his old friend Stitch (Mark Margolis) at his boxing gym, he is contacted by a stranger (Til Schweiger) who charges him with a suitcase that must b...

Stand Up Guys (2012)

Released from prison after serving 28 years, Val (Al Pacino) reunites with his old friend and partner Doc (Christopher Walken). Doc has been ordered by crime boss Claphands (Mark Margolis) to kill Val as soon as he gets out. One of the first things Val wants is to visit a local brothel, which is ...

One Fall (2011)

Set in the rustic Midwestern town of One Fall, the film tells the story of a man, James (Marcus Dean Fuller), who miraculously survived a horrific fall from a spectacular 200 foot-high cliff and was never heard from again. However, three years after vanishing James chooses to return to his hometo...

Immortals (2011)

Before the dawn of man or beast, immortals waged war against each other in Heaven. The victors declared themselves gods while the vanquished were renamed the Titans and imprisoned beneath Mount Tartarus. The Epirus Bow, a weapon of immense power, was lost on Earth during the war. In 1228 B.C., th...

Black Swan (2010)

Nina Sayers, a young dancer in a prestigious New York City ballet company, lives with her mother, Erica, a former dancer. The company is preparing to open the season with Swan Lake. The director, Thomas Leroy, has to cast a new principal dancer after forcing Beth Macintyre into retirement. Leroy ...

Defiance (2008)

The film opens with on-screen text stating: "A true story". It is August 1941 and Nazi Einsatzgruppen are sweeping through Eastern Europe, systematically killing Jews, among others. Among the survivors not killed or restricted to ghettoes are the Polish Jewish Bielski brothers: Tuvia (Daniel Crai...

The Wrestler (2008)

Robin Ramzinski (Mickey Rourke), better known by his ring name Randy "The Ram" Robinson, is a professional wrestler who became a celebrity in the 1980s. Now past his prime, Randy wrestles on weekends for independent promotions in New Jersey while working part-time at a supermarket under Wayne (To...

The Girl Next Door (2007)

In 2007, David, a Wall Street player, witnesses a hit and run by a car. That evening, he reflects on his past in 1958, when he meets two adolescent girls, Meg (Blythe Auffarth) and Susan (Madeline Taylor) who, upon losing their parents in an accident, are sent to live with their Aunt Ruth Chandle...

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Private investigator Patrick Kenzie and his partner/girlfriend Angie Gennaro witness a televised plea by a woman named Helene McCready for the return of her missing daughter Amanda, who was abducted with her favorite doll "Mirabelle". Patrick and Angie are then hired by the child's Aunt Beatrice ...

The Fountain (2006)

At its core, The Fountain is the story of a 21st century doctor, Tommy Creo (Hugh Jackman), losing his wife Izzi (Rachel Weisz) to cancer in 2005. As she is dying, Izzi begs Tommy to share what time they have left together, but he is focused on his quest to find a cure for her. While he's workin...

Headspace (2005)

A mysterious encounter with a stranger causes a 25 year old man to rapidly become a genius. As his intelligence grows, so do a series of horrendous murders.

House of D (2004)

An American artist living a bohemian existence in Paris, Tom Warshaw (David Duchovny) is trying to make sense of his troubled adult life by reflecting upon his extraordinary childhood. Prompted by his son's 13th birthday, Tom experiences a flashback to Greenwich Village in 1973, as 13-year-old To...

Infested (2002)

Horror tale of insects which eat their victims from the inside out.

The Tailor of Panama (2001)

Andy Osnard is an MI6 spy reassigned to Panama after having an affair in Madrid with the foreign minister’s mistress. His superior warns him of the corruption present in Panama, but Osnard views that as an opportunity. Consulting a list of British citizens residing in Panama, he comes across Harr...

Boss of Bosses (2001)

Boss of Bosses is a 2001 made for TV movie about the life of former Gambino Family boss Paul Castellano directed by Dwight H. Little. It stars Chazz Palminteri as Paul Castellano, Patricia Mauceri as his wife Nina, Mark Margolis as Joseph Armone, and Angela Alvarado as his mistress Gloria Olarte....

Hannibal (2001)

Ten years after tracking down serial killer Jame Gumb, FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling (Moore) is unjustly blamed for a bungled drug raid. Starling and her connection to Hannibal Lecter (Hopkins) come to the attention of Lecter's only surviving victim, Mason Verger (Oldman), a wealthy child mo...

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

The film charts three seasons in the lives of Sara Goldfarb, her son Harry, Harry’s girlfriend Marion Silver, and Harry’s friend Tyrone C. Love. The story begins in summer; Sara Goldfarb, an elderly widow living alone in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, spends her time watching infomercials hosted by T...

Fast Food Fast Women (2000)

Fast Food Fast Women is a 2000 American romantic comedy written and directed by Amos Kollek and financed by French and Italian production companies. The tag line for the film was "There are 18 million people in New York City, but only one like Bella." It was entered into the 2000 Cannes Film Fest...