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Martin Ransohoff

Martin Ransohoff



Turbulence (1997)

After Ryan Weaver is arrested for a murder that he says he did not commit, he must be transported to Los Angeles. He and another prisoner are escorted by four air marshals on a Boeing 747 on a commercial flight. Even though it is Christmas Eve, the plane is nearly empty, with only eight people on...

Guilty as Sin (1993)

Jennifer Haines (Rebecca De Mornay) is an up-and-coming Chicago attorney. She wins a big case, celebrates with the man in her life, Phil Garson (Stephen Lang), and returns to work to a hero's reception. Into her life walks David Greenhill (Don Johnson), who was seated in the gallery during her pr...

Physical Evidence (1989)

Joe Paris awakens one morning with a splitting headache and blood on his shirt. He was drinking and can't recall the events of the night before. A murder has been committed and Paris' fingerprints are found. He has a history of violence and is placed under arrest. A public defender, Jenny Hudson,...

Switching Channels (1988)

Sullivan (Reynolds) is a cable TV news mogul. He tries to prevent the impending marriage of Colleran (Turner), his best reporter and ex-wife, by keeping her on the job during the critical news coverage of an upcoming execution and prison break.

Jagged Edge (1985)

An intruder in a black mask ties up San Francisco socialite Paige Forrester at her remote beach house and kills her with a hunting knife. He writes the word "Bitch" on the wall with her blood. Her husband Jack (Bridges) is arrested for her murder by Thomas Krasny (Coyote), a district attorney. Ja...

Class (1983)

When Jonathan Ogner (Andrew McCarthy) first shows up to prep school, he is laughed at for wearing his school uniform. He then goes up to his dorm and meets his new roommate (Rob Lowe), who introduces himself as Squire Franklin Burroughs IV but tells Jonathan to call him "Skip." Skip then takes of...

Hanky Panky (1982)

An architect (Wilder) accidentally gets caught up in a web of intrigue and murder when he ends up on the run on false murder charges. Kate (Gilda) is a woman out to find her brother's killer. The two team up, but not before first thinking the other is the killer. The duo end up on a wild cross-co...

American Pop (1981)

In Imperial Russia during the late 1890s, a rabbi's wife and her young son Zalmie escape to America while the rabbi is killed by the Cossacks. Shortly after their arrival in New York City, Zalmie is recruited by Louie, a performer at a burlesque house, to hand out chorus slips. As Zalmie grows in...

A Change of Seasons (1980)

When fortysomething Karen Evans discovers her arrogantly self-centered professor husband Adam is having an affair with student Lindsey Rutledge, she retaliates by having a dalliance of her own with young, philosophical campus carpenter Pete Lachappelle. Adam is infuriated when he learns about his...

The Wanderers (1979)

The film centers around the members of a North Bronx youth gang, the Wanderers, and their fights with other gangs, and as well as gang rivalry, it deals (albeit in a highly juvenile manner) with issues such as racial tensions, sex, growing up, loyalty, the good and bad points of machismo and brot...

Nightwing (1979)

Youngman Duran, a deputy on a Hopi Indian reservation in New Mexico, begins to investigate a series of mysterious cattle mutilations. Abner Tasupi, an ancient and embittered medicine man who raised Youngman after his parents died, tells him he has cast a spell to end the world that very night, bu...

Silver Streak (1976)

Book editor George Caldwell (Wilder) travels from Los Angeles to Chicago for his sister's wedding aboard a train called the Silver Streak. On board, George meets a vitamin salesman named Bob Sweet (Beatty) and a woman named Hilly Burns (Clayburgh). Hilly works for Professor Schreiner, a well-know...

The White Dawn (1974)

When three whalers become stranded in Northern Canada’s Arctic in 1896, they are rescued by Eskimos. In the beginning, the Eskimos accept the strangers' European ways, but as this increasingly influences and affects their customs, things slowly fall apart and cultural tension grows until the climax.

Save the Tiger (1973)

A bleak story that depicts an outwardly successful man questioning the value of the material prosperity he is desperately trying to maintain, it follows the uncertain path of Harry Stoner, the real tiger (Jack Lemmon), an executive at an apparel company close to ruin. With no legal way to keep th...

Fuzz (1972)

Detectives Steve Carella (Reynolds), Meyer Meyer (Weston), Eileen McHenry (Welch), and Bert Kling (Skeritt) are part of the 87th Precinct's team investigating a murder-extortion racket run by a mysterious deaf man (Brynner). While attempting to investigate and prevent the murders of several high-...

See No Evil (1971)

After being blinded in a horse riding accident, Sarah (Mia Farrow) visits her uncle's home. Out on a date with her boyfriend Steve (Norman Eshley), she escapes the fate of her relatives (Dorothy Alison, Robin Bailey, and Diane Grayson), who are murdered at their home by a psychotic killer. Sarah ...

10 Rillington Place (1971)

Christie strangled at least eight women (including the baby Geraldine Evans), the first two victims being buried in the back garden of the house in 10 Rillington Place during World War II. After Evans moved into the building with his wife Beryl and infant daughter Geraldine in 1949, Christie conv...

Catch-22 (1970)

Captain Yossarian (Arkin), a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier, is stationed on the Mediterranean island of Pianosa during World War II. Along with other members of his squadron, Yossarian is committed to flying dangerous missions, and after watching his friends die, he seeks a means of escape...

Castle Keep (1969)

During the Battle of the Bulge, a ragtag squad of American soldiers, led by one-eyed Major Falconer (Burt Lancaster) and including Sgt. Rossi (Peter Falk), art expert Captain Beckman (Patrick O'Neal) and the narrator, Pvt. Allistair Benjamin (Al Freeman, Jr.), take shelter in an ancient castle, c...

Hamlet (1969)

Hamlet is a 1969 British film adaptation of Shakespeare's play Hamlet, starring Nicol Williamson as Prince Hamlet. It was directed by Tony Richardson and based on his own stage production at the Roundhouse theatre in London. The film also stars Anthony Hopkins as King Claudius, Judy Parfitt as Qu...