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Massimo Troisi

Massimo Troisi

Birthdate: February 19, 1953

Deathdate: June 4, 1994

?Massimo Troisi (San Giorgio a Cremano, 19 febbraio 1953 – Roma, 4 giugno 1994) è stato un attore, regista e sceneggiatore italiano.Nel 1996 fu candidato ai Premi Oscar come miglior attore e miglior sceneggiatura non originale per il film Il postino. Scomparve prematuramente, a quarantuno anni, per un fatale attacco cardiaco, conseguente a febbri reumatiche di cui soffriva sin dall'età di dodici anni. Alla sua fig... ...detailed bio


Il Postino: The Postman (1995)

Pablo Neruda, the famous Chilean poet, in about 1950, is exiled to a small island in Italy for political reasons. His wife accompanies him. On the island, local Mario Ruoppolo is dissatisfied with being a fisherman like his father. Mario looks for other work and is hired as a temporary postman wi...

I Thought It Was Love (1991)


The Voyage of Captain Fracassa (1990)

The story takes place in France during 1600. A ramshackle theater company of Commedia dell'arte (Comedy of Art) is to roam vast and boundless territories to reach the court of Louis XIV. However, it remains stationary for days on a single place. In fact, a member of the company is seriously ill a...

Splendor (1989)

Jordan (Marcello Mastroianni) owns a cinema in Italy, named Splendor. Chantal (Marina Vlady) is his wife and cashier. Luigi (Massimo Troisi) is the projectionist. This film is about the cinema and the films that are shown on the screen. But people stop going to films...

What Time Is It? (1989)

What time is it? (Italian: Che ora è?) is a 1989 Italian drama film directed by Ettore Scola. It was co-produced with France.

The ways of the Lord are over (1987)


Hotel Colonial (1987)

Marco Veniera goes to Bogota, Columbia to find his brother, Luca who supposedly committed suicide. In his search, he meets fiery and exotic Irene Costa, who leads him into the depths of the Amazon jungle. But it's every man for himself. And brotherly love turns to hate.

Non ci resta che piangere (1985)

School janitor Mario (Massimo Troisi) and teacher Saverio (Roberto Benigni) are in a car at a level crossing, waiting for the train to pass. The scenery is the Tuscan countryside, in 1984. As the train is late, the two decide to go for an alternative path and take a road through the fields. Short...

Scusate il ritardo (1983)

Vincent is a thirty year old southern and unemployed. His life unfolds between the cries of his friend Tony, who can not find peace after being dumped by his girlfriend, and troubled history with Anna which is not able to externalize all the feelings and the attention that she seeks instead. In t...

"FF.SS." – Cioè: "...che mi hai portato a fare sopra a Posillipo se non mi vuoi più bene?" (1983)

The film begins with Renzo Arbore and Luciano De Crescenzo driving in Rome, while discussing an original idea for a new movie. They pass under the window of real-life filmmaker Federico Fellini, who is writing a screenplay entitled F.F.S.S (Federico Fellini Sud Story). A wind causes the screenpla...

No Thanks, Coffee Makes Me Nervous (1982)

A mysterious killer eliminate the singers of a brand new music Festival in Naples. Some journalists will try to discover who is that murderer who seems to be obsessed by the song "Funiculi, Funicula".

I'm Starting from Three (1981)

Gaetano (Massimo Troisi) is a shy boy who lives with his father (a maimed hand, waiting for the miracle of growth), the mother, the brother and sister. Tired of provincial life he made by the family of trivial out with friends, including the devoted friend Sodano Lello (Lello Arena), with whom he...