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Maurizio Costanzo

Maurizio Costanzo



Troppo Belli (2005)

Costantino and Daniele are two friends which have very success with girls. Their wish is to work in the show business and they can achieve their goal when meet Valeria, top model and actress, who offers both guys the chance they are looking for: meet Mr. Giampalmi, an important producer. But the ...

Nineties - Part II (1993)

Second scandalously famous collections of short Italian comedies of the 90s! All that was "fun" in those years in Italy - all here! The sea of black humor on all issues - sex, politics, mafia, crime, TV...

"FF.SS." – Cioè: "...che mi hai portato a fare sopra a Posillipo se non mi vuoi più bene?" (1983)

The film begins with Renzo Arbore and Luciano De Crescenzo driving in Rome, while discussing an original idea for a new movie. They pass under the window of real-life filmmaker Federico Fellini, who is writing a screenplay entitled F.F.S.S (Federico Fellini Sud Story). A wind causes the screenpla...

A Special Day (1977)

The day is May 8, 1938, the day when Hitler visited Rome to meet premier Mussolini. Also on this day, as her entire family (including her fascist husband) goes to the streets to follow the great meeting and the parade, an Italian housewife (Loren) stays home looking after some domestic tasks. He...