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Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008)

A group of ordinary women in Liberia, led by Leymah Gbowee, came together to pray for peace. Armed only with white T-shirts and the courage of their convictions, they demanded a resolution to the country’s civil war. Under Leymah Gbowee's leadership, the women managed to force a meeting with Pres...

The Beautiful Ordinary (2007)

The film takes place in a small suburban town in North Carolina in 1999. It's the last day of school and kids just want to have fun. That, at least, is the plan.

Come Early Morning (2006)

Lucy Fowler, a construction firm employee, has a habit of drinking on weekends, having a one-night-stand, and, come early morning, waking up and leaving quickly, checking out and paying for the motel room. Through her grandmother, she finds out that her father, a shy man who has nothing to say t...

Winter Passing (2005)

Reese Holdin (Deschanel) is a depressed bartender/actress living in New York City. She regularly engages in casual sex, cocaine use and self-mutilation. When a publishing agent (Amy Madigan) approaches her, we learn that Reese is the daughter of a famous author named Don Holdin (Harris); and that...

Relative Evil (2001)

Relative Evil (aka Ball in the House) - When JJ (Jonathan Tucker) returns home from rehab, he is greeted by a conniving family who are plotting to cash in on a life insurance policy before his 18th birthday

Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

On August 18, 1981, Camp Firewood, a summer camp located near Waterville, Maine, is preparing for its last day of summer camp, which means counselors have one last chance to have a romantic encounter with another person at Camp Firewood. The summer ultimately culminates in a talent show. Beth (J...

The Big One (1998)

The Big One is a movie filmed in 1996—and released in 1998 by Miramax Films—by Michael Moore during his promotion tour around the United States for his book Downsize This!. Through the 47 towns he visits, Moore discovers and describes American economic failings and the fear of unemployment of the...