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Michael Rennie

Michael Rennie

Birthdate: August 25, 1909

Deathdate: June 10, 1971

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Michael Rennie (25 August 1909 – 10 June 1971) was an English film, television, and stage actor, perhaps best known for his starring role as the space visitor Klaatu in the 1951 classic science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Still. Description above from the Wikipedia article  Michael Rennie  licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Die Screaming Marianne (1971)

Marianne, a nightclub dancer, is on the run from vicious criminals. On her 21st birthday, she will inherit a vast fortune as well as some legal papers that will incriminate her father, a crooked judge. When her father invites Marianne to his estate in Portugal, a game of cat-and-mouse begins.

El Hombre que Vino de Ummo (1970)

Aliens, running a traveling circus as a cover, revive a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy and Frankenstein's monster with a plan to use them to take over the world. They want to discover the reason that these monsters are so frightening to Earthlings. They then plan to create an army of such monsters ...

The Power (1968)

Professor Jim Tanner, a biochemist, discovers evidence of a person with psychic abilities among his co-workers in a research laboratory. His colleagues include geneticist Margery Lansing, physicist Carl Melkinen, biologist Talbot Scott and chairman N.E. Van Zandt, all working for Navy officer Art...

Hotel (1967)

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. Hotel may also refer to: Hotel, a term used in Australia to sometimes refer to a public house, or pub, that may or may not provide paid lodging on a short-term basis In music: Hotel (band), a Power-Pop band from Birming...

Ride Beyond Vengeance (1966)

A census taker (James MacArthur) arrives in the Texas town of Cold Iron, with a population of 789. He goes into the local bar for a cold beer, and tells the bartender the town has an unusual number of citizens named "Jonas" and "Reprisal." He observes a painting above the bar of a violent street ...

Cyborg 2087 (1966)

Garth (Michael Rennie), a cyborg from the future, travels back in time to 1966 to prevent Professor Sigmund Marx (Eduard Franz) from revealing his new discovery, an idea that will make mind control possible and create a tyranny in Garth's time. He is pursued by two "Tracers" (also cyborgs) out to...

The Lost World (1960)

The boisterous, arrogant Professor Challenger (Claude Rains), a reputed biologist and anthropologist, dares the London Zoological Society to mount an expedition to verify his spectacular claim, without physical proof, that his previous expedition to the Amazon Basin found live dinosaurs. Apart fr...

Third Man on the Mountain (1959)

Third Man on the Mountain is a 1959 American Walt Disney Productions film set during the golden age of alpinism about a young Swiss man who conquers the mountain that killed his father. It is based on Banner in the Sky, a James Ramsey Ullman novel about the first ascent of the Citadel, and was te...

Battle of the V-1 (1958)

The film tells the story of a Polish Resistance group which discovers details of the manufacture of the German V-1 'Flying Bomb' at Peenemünde in 1943. Liasing with service chiefs in London, the group manage to pass on enough information to convince them to launch a bombing raid and, in the clima...

Island in the Sun (1957)

The film follows several characters both black, white as well as mixed. Maxwell Fleury (James Mason) is a white plantation owner's son who suffers from an inferiority complex and makes rash decisions to prove his worth. He lives with his beautiful wife, Sylvia (Patricia Owens). Maxwell is torment...

Teenage Rebel (1956)

A sensitive young woman who has been living with her divorced father goes to live at her mother's home for three weeks.

The Rains of Ranchipur (1956)

In India to purchase some horses, British aristocrat, Lord Esketh and his wife, Edwina, come to the town of Ranchipur at the invitation of the elderly Maharani. Their marriage is an unhappy one and Lord Esketh announces his intention to return to England and begin divorce proceedings. The spoiled...

Soldier of Fortune (1955)

Soldier of Fortune is another term for an adventurer or mercenary. It may also refer to:

Mambo (1955)

The film stars Silvana Mangano as Giovanna Masetti, a poor Venetian who is admired by the crafty croupier Mario Rossi (Vittorio Gassman) and the rich count Enrico Marisoni (Michael Rennie). Giovanna lives out a dream to become a dancer and moves to Rome. She returns six months later to the compet...

Prince Valiant (1954)

The story begins with the recounting of the forced exile which has befallen the Christian royal family of the Viking kingdom of Scandia - King Aguar (Donald Crisp), his wife, and his son Prince Valiant (Robert Wagner) - by the Viking rebels led by the usurper Sligon (Primo Carnera), a worshipper ...

Désirée (1954)

In 1794, in Marseille, Désirée Clary (Jean Simmons) makes the acquaintance of a Corsican named Joseph Bonaparte (Cameron Mitchell) and invites him and his brother, General Napoleon Bonaparte (Marlon Brando), to call upon the family the following day. The next day, Julie (Elizabeth Sellars), Désir...

Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954)

The film begins with a clip from the previous film, showing its central characters Marcellus and Diana going to be martyred for their Christian beliefs on the order of Emperor Caligula. Before being executed, Diana hands the robe to Marcellus' servant Marcipor, telling him that it is "for the Big...

King of the Khyber Rifles (1953)

Freshly arrived Sandhurst-trained Captain Alan King (Tyrone Power), survives an attack on his escort to his North-West Frontier Province garrison near the Khyber Pass because of Ahmed, a native Afridi deserter from the Muslim fanatic rebel Karram Khan's (Guy Rolfe) forces. King was born locally a...

Sailor of the King (1953)

During the First World War, Lieutenant Richard Saville, a young British naval officer on five days leave, and Miss Lucinda Bentley, a merchant's daughter from Portsmouth, get talking on the train up to London. Halfway along their journey, they miss their rail connection and spend a romantic holid...

Dangerous Crossing (1953)

Attractive newlywed Ruth Stanton/Bowman (Jeanne Crain) joyously starts a honeymoon cruise to Europe with her husband John (Carl Betz), only to have him go missing shortly after they check into their room on board. Compounding her confusion, Ruth first finds herself locked out of the cabin she and...