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Michèle Morgan

Michèle Morgan

Birthdate: February 29, 1920

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Michèle Morgan (born 29 February 1920) is a French film actress, who was a leading lady for three decades. Description above from the Wikipedia article Michèle Morgan, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Everybody's Fine (1990)

Matteo Scuro, a retired Sicilian bureaucrat and opera buff, has been stood up by his five adult children during the summer vacation, all of whom live in various cities on the Italian mainland with what he believes are responsible jobs. Despite their not visiting and the neighbours' criticisms, he...

A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later (1986)

A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later (French: Un homme et une femme, 20 ans déjà) is a 1986 French drama film directed by Claude Lelouch and is a sequel to Lelouch's 1966 film Un homme et une femme. It was screened out of competition at the 1986 Cannes Film Festival.

The Winner (1979)

The Winner (French: Un cœur gros comme ça) is a 1962 French film directed by François Reichenbach.

Cat and Mouse (1975)

Le Chat et la souris (US title: Cat and Mouse, also known as Seven Suspects for Murder) is a 1975 French mystery film directed and written by Claude Lelouch. The film stars Michèle Morgan, Serge Reggiani and Jean-Pierre Aumont. It tells the story of a rich widow, whose philandering husband is kil...

Benjamin (1968)

Benjamin (US title: The Diary of an Innocent Boy) is a 1968 French comedy film directed by Michel Deville who co-wrote screenplay with Nina Companéez. The film stars Michèle Morgan, Catherine Deneuve, Pierre Clémenti, Michel Piccoli, Francine Bergé, Anna Gaël and Catherine Rouvel.

Lost Command (1966)

In the final moments of the 1954 Battle of Dien Bien Phu, a weakened French garrison anticipates a last assault by communist Viet Minh troops. The garrison commander, Basque Lt. Col. Pierre-Noel Raspeguy (Quinn), has called central headquarters for reinforcements. Headquarters sends only a single...

The Sucker (1965)

While leaving his flat in Paris for vacation, Antoine Maréchal has a car accident. His 2CV is totally wrecked by Léopold Saroyan's Bentley, the director of an import-export company. As a compensation for the accident, Saroyan offers Maréchal to drive his best friend's 1964 Cadillac Eldorado from ...

Les Yeux cernés (1964)

Les Yeux cernés (English title: Marked Eyes) is a 1964 French thriller film directed by Robert Hossein who wrote original story. The screenplay was written by Claude Desailly, André Tabet and Georges Tabet. The film stars Robert Hossein, Michèle Morgan and Marie-France Pisier. It tells the story ...

Landru (1963)

During World War I, a seemingly respectable middle-aged man Henri Landru has devised an ingenious means of obtaining money to supplement his dwindling income. Adopting various assumed names, he lures middle-class women to his villa at Gambais just outside Paris, where he kills them and burns thei...

Les Lions sont lâchés (1961)

Les Lions sont lâchés (US title: The Lions Are Loose) is a 1961 French comedy film directed by Henri Verneuil, and written by France Roche and Michel Audiard (dialogue). The music score was by Georges Garvarentz and the cinematography by Christian Matras. It tells the story of three women living ...

Fortunat (1960)

At the time of the occupation of France, the destiny joins together the poacher Fortunat, honest guy somewhat related to drink and Juliette, elegant woman accompanied by her two children: Pierre and Maurice. Miss Massillon, a helpful teacher, tries to help Juliette who is sought by the Nazis sinc...

Winter Holidays (1959)

Winter Holidays (Italian: Vacanze d'inverno) is a 1959 Italian comedy film directed by Camillo Mastrocinque and Giuliano Carnimeo (collaborating director), based on story by Oreste Biancoli. The music score is by Armando Trovajoli.

Le Miroir à deux faces (1959)

Pierre Tardivet, a professor, marries Marie-José Vauzange, a sensitive and intelligent girl with bad looks. Tardivet's mean spirit soon appears in their marital life, plunging Marie-José in a monotonous life. Two children are born out this marriage. Tardivet suffers a car accident and he is tende...

Love on the Riviera (1958)

Girls for the Summer (Italian: Racconti d'estate or US title: Love on the Riviera) is a 1958 Italian romantic comedy drama film directed by Gianni Franciolini, based on story by Alberto Moravia. The film stars Alberto Sordi, Michèle Morgan, Marcello Mastroianni, Sylva Koscina, Gabriele Ferzetti, ...

If Paris Were Told to Us (1956)

If Paris Were Told to Us (French: Si Paris nous était conté) is a 1956 French historical film directed and written by Sacha Guitry. The Admissions in France were 2,813,682 people.

Marguerite de la nuit (1955)

Marguerite de la nuit (US title: Marguerite of the Night) is a 1955 French language motion picture fantasy drama directed by Claude Autant-Lara, and written by Ghislaine Autant-Lara (screenplay & dialogue) and Gabriel Arout (adaptation), based on novel by Pierre Dumarchais. The film stars Michèle...

The Grand Maneuver (1955)

Armand de la Verne, a lieutenant in the French cavalry and a notorious seducer, undertakes a bet that he will "obtain the favours" of a woman selected secretly by lot, before his company departs for its summer manoeuvres in a month's time. His target turns out to be Marie-Louise Rivière, a Parisi...

Napoléon (1955)

The film follows the life of Napoleon from his early life in Corsica to his death at Saint Helena. The film is notable for its use of location shooting for numerous scenes, especially at the French estates of Malmaison and Fontainebleau, the Palace of Versailles, and sites of Napoleonic battles i...

Obsession (1954)

Obsession is a 1954 French language motion picture crime drama directed by Jean Delannoy who co-wrote screenplay with Antoine Blondin, Roland Laudenbach and Gian Luigi Rondi, based on story "Silent as the Grave" by Cornell Woolrich. The film stars Michèle Morgan and Raf Vallone. It tells the stor...

The Proud and the Beautiful (1953)

The Proud and the Beautiful (French: Les Orgueilleux, sub-title : Alvarado ) is a 1953 Franco-Mexican co-production drama directed by Yves Allégret. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Story; the nomination officially went to Jean-Paul Sartre.