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Michelle Krusiec

Michelle Krusiec

Birthdate: October 2, 1974

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michelle J. Krusiec born October 2, 1974 in Taiwan, is an American actress. Krusiec's big break through came when she was recruited to be one of six globe-trotting travel reporters for the Discovery Channel new series called Travelers. Along with Barbara Alvarez, Robin Kipp, Pearce Bunting, Patrick Michael, Foster Soloman, and later Lisa Clark, the show became an instant hi... ...detailed bio


The Invitation (2016)

While attending a dinner party at his former house, a man (Logan Marshall-Green) starts to believe that his ex-wife (Tammy Blanchard) and her new husband (Michiel Huisman) have sinister plans for the guests

Sunset Stories (2012)

A dark comedy about two people's chase around Los Angeles to find a missing cooler.

Take Me Home (2011)

After getting turned down for a job, Thom finds his landlord throwing all of his belongings into the hallway. With no job prospects and no place to sleep, he turns to driving his illegal taxicab around the streets of New York. Fortunately for him, Claire Barrow isn't having a good day, either. He...

Shuffle (2011)

Lovell Milo suddenly begins to experience his life out of chronological sequence.

Zoom Hunting (2010)

Yang Ruyi (32), a fashion magazine photographer, lives with her elder sister Yang Ruxing (33), a rational, introverted detective fiction author. Ruyi has inadvertently photographed a couple making madly passionately love. Few days later in a shopping center not far from her home, she finds the wo...

Homewrecker (2010)

Out of prison on a work release program, Mike (Anslem Richardson) is doing his best to stay on the straight and narrow, but his job as a locksmith threatens to undermine his efforts when the nutty and profane Margo (Ana Reeder) calls seeking his services. After helping Margo in her quest to find ...

What Happens in Vegas (2008)

In New York City, high-strung stockbroker Joy Ellis McNally (Cameron Diaz) is dumped by her fiancé at a surprise birthday she throws for him. At the same time easy-going carpenter Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) is fired from his job by his father, Jack, Sr. (Treat Williams). Both become emotionally...

Henry Poole Is Here (2008)

Having been diagnosed as terminally ill, Henry Poole purchases a tract house in his hometown, a working class suburb of Los Angeles, and awaits the inevitable, fortified with whiskey and frozen pizza. His peaceful solitude and self-imposed exile are disrupted by his meddling neighbor Esperanza Ma...

Far North (2007)

Set during an unspecified time and place in the last half of the 20th century (the only clues to the date being the wind-up radio and the type of military rifles in use), it tells of a woman (Michelle Yeoh) and her adopted daughter (Michelle Krusiec), living in the Arctic tundra. The mother's voi...

Nanking (2007)

In the winter of 1937, the Japanese army occupied Nanking and killed over 200,000 and raped tens of thousands of Chinese people, one of human history's worst atrocities. In order to protect Chinese civilians, a small group of European and American expatriates, Western missionaries, professors, an...

Cursed (2005)

The film begins in Hollywood Los Angeles, when two friends, Jenny Tate (Mýa) and Becky Morton (Shannon Elizabeth), are at a pier and decide to get their fortune told by Zela (Portia de Rossi), asking about a boy. She foretells that they will suffer a horrible fate, but they don't believe her and ...

Saving Face (2004)

Saving Face follows Wilhelmina ("Wil"), a young Chinese American surgeon, as she deals with her unwed mother's pregnancy, and the obligations of her dancer girlfriend Vivian. Wil struggles with allocating time between her mother (Gao) who is shunned by the Chinese American community of Flushing f...

Duplex (2003)

Alex Rose and Nancy Kendricks are a young, professional, New York couple in search of their dream home. When they finally find the perfect Brooklyn brownstone they are giddy with anticipation. The duplex is a dream come true, complete with multiple fireplaces, except for one thing: Mrs. Connelly,...

Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003)

Harry Dunne (Derek Richardson) is home schooled throughout his life and finally gets his chance to go to regular school. At the same time, Lloyd Christmas (Eric Christian Olsen), who has been adopted and exchanged several times until he was accepted by Ray (Luis Guzman), the school janitor. Harry...

For the Cause (2002)

In a far off future, the Earth is embroiled in a perpetual world war. As a final resort, a distant planet is colonized to provide a peaceful refuge for Humanity. Two colonies develop into large and prosperous cities that thrive in the peace that was their foundation. Unfortunately, the cities eve...