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Mónica Randall

Mónica Randall

Birthdate: November 18, 1942

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mónica Randall (November 18, 1942 - ) is a Spanish film actress. Randall has made some 110 appearances in film and TV since 1963. She appeared in numerous western films in the 1960s in films such as One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Ringo and has made regular TV appearances since the 1970s. Description above from the Wikipedia article Mónica Randall, licensed under CC-BY-SA,... ...detailed bio


Stormy Weather (2003)

Stormy Weather (Icelandic: Stormviðri) is a 2003 French-Icelandic drama film directed by Sólveig Anspach. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

Cría cuervos (1976)

Eight-year-old Ana, stoic and quiet approaches her father's bedroom where she hears a woman in bed with her father, confessing her love for him. Descending the stairs, she spies an attractive middle-aged woman, hastily dressing and rushing from the bedroom to the front door of the darkened house....

Inquisición (1976)

Period piece set during the Inquisition about a witch-finder general who falls in love with the village beauty, who has made a pact with the devil to seduce and condemn the man who is killing off Satan's servants.

Pancho Villa (1974)

After being double-crossed in an arms deal planned by arms dealer Scotty (Clint Walker), the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa (Telly Savalas) and Scotty raid a US Army weapons depot in retaliation.

My Dear Killer (1972)

Following a mysterious decapitation (via mechanical digger) of an insurance investigator, Police Inspector Peretti is put onto the case. Slowly more people are found dead... a man supposedly commits suicide, a women is strangled, another attacked in her flat... but all the clues lead to an unsolv...

Blackie the Pirate (1972)

Captain Blackie (Terence Hill) is a notorious pirate who learns about a shipment of Spanish gold when he encounters Don Pedro (George Martin). He devises a plan to find this ship and its gold. His rival is the Viceroy of the Spanish colony. He goes to Tortuga (a pirate settlement), where Montbarc...

Guapo heredero busca esposa (1972)


The Witches' Mountain (1972)

A young couple traveling thorugh the Pyrenees stays overnight at an ancient Spanish castle, only to discover that it is the headquarters for a coven of witches.

Red Sun (1971)

Link Stuart (Bronson) is a ruthless outlaw, and co-leader along with Gauche (Delon) of a gang of bandits. Link and Gauche lead their gang on a successful train robbery, and discover that one of its cars carries a Japanese ambassador, who is bringing a ceremonial katana (sword) as a gift for Presi...

De profesion sus labores (1970)


Old Man Made in Spain (1969)

A widow shepherd who lives at the Aragonese Pyrenees sees how his three young daughters, Cándida, Visi, and Nieves, go to Madrid to find a better life and leave him alone. There they all get married, have sons and forget their father. One day, Marcelino receives a letter from Cándida, who wants h...

Las amigas (1969)


Five for Revenge (1966)

A few Western-types seek out a friend's murderer

002 Operazione Luna (1965)

When a Soviet space craft is lost in space with two cosmonauts on board, the KGB authorities abduct two petty criminals.