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Nancy Carroll

Nancy Carroll

Birthdate: November 19, 1903

Deathdate: August 6, 1965


There Goes My Heart (1938)

For the 1958 song, see Joni James. For the 1994 country song, see The Mavericks discography. There Goes My Heart is a 1938 romantic comedy film starring Virginia Bruce as a wealthy heiress who goes to work under an alias at a department store owned by her grandfather. Fredric March plays the repo...

Child of Manhattan (1933)

Taxi dancer Madeleine McGonegle (Nancy Carroll) attracts the attention of millionaire Paul Vanderkill (John Boles), and when she become pregnant, they get married to avoid a scandal. When the baby dies at birth, Madeleine runs away to Mexico, to give Paul the divorce she thinks he wants. There, s...

The Woman Accused (1933)

The Woman Accused is a 1933 drama film about a young engaged couple on a sea cruise, starring Nancy Carroll and Cary Grant. The supporting cast includes Jack La Rue in a particularly memorable sequence opposite Grant. The movie was directed by Paul Sloane.

Hot Saturday (1932)

A pretty young bank clerk, Ruth Brock (Nancy Carroll), catches the eye of all the young men in the small town of Marysville, including a rich playboy, Romer Sheffield (Cary Grant). Ruth's flirtation with Sheffield angers her date, Conny Billup (Edward Woods), and she becomes the subject of local ...

Broken Lullaby (1932)

Haunted by the memory of Walter Holderlin, a soldier he killed during World War I, French musician Paul Renard (Holmes) confesses to a priest, who grants him absolution. Using the address on a letter he found on the dead man's body, Paul then travels to Germany to find his family. Because anti-Fr...

Paramount on Parade (1930)

Paramount on Parade (1930) is an all-star revue released by Paramount Pictures, directed by several directors including Edmund Goulding, Dorothy Arzner, Ernst Lubitsch, Rowland V. Lee, A. Edward Sutherland, Victor Heerman, Lothar Mendes, Otto Brower, Edwin H. Knopf, Frank Tuttle, and Victor Scher...

The Dance of Life (1929)

Burlesque comic Hal Skelly, as Ralph 'Skid' Johnson, and hoofer Nancy Carroll, as Bonny Lee King, end up together on a cold, rainy night at a train station, when he's thrown out and she's rejected from the same show. The two things they have in life are dancing and each other, if she could only k...

Abie's Irish Rose (1928)

Abie's Irish Rose is a 1928 early talking (part-talkie) film directed by Victor Fleming, based on the play Abie's Irish Rose by Anne Nichols. It tells the story of a Jewish boy, Abie Levy, who falls in love with and secretly marries Rosemary Murphy, an Irish Catholic girl, but lies to his family,...