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Nancy Savoca

Nancy Savoca

Birthdate: July 23, 1959

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nancy Savoca (July 23, 1959), is an American film screenwriter, director, and producer. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, she is the daughter of Sicilian and Argentine immigrants Calogero Savoca and Maria Elvira Savoca. Married to Richard Guay (pronounced as "gay"), also a writer and producer, they have three children: two sons and a daughter. Description above from t... ...detailed bio


If There Be Thorns (2015)

Six years after Petals on the Wind, Cathy and Chris are happily married and live in California with Cathy's sons, Jory and Bart. Bart feels lonely and outshone by his brother and parents. One day, a woman dressed in all black moves into the mansion next door and invites Bart and Jory over for tea...

Union Square (2012)


If These Walls Could Talk (1996)

=== 1952 === The 1952 segment deals with Claire Donnelly (Demi Moore), a widowed nurse living in suburban Chicago, who becomes pregnant by her brother-in-law (Jason London) and decides to undergo abortion in order not to hurt her late husband's family. However, abortion at the time is strictly ...

Household Saints (1993)

The film follows the courtship and marriage of Catherine Falconetti (Ullman) to local butcher Joseph Santangelo (D'Onofrio), as well as Catherine's relationship with her overbearing Old World mother-in-law (Judith Malina). The film also focuses on Catherine and Joseph's daughter Teresa (Taylor), ...

Dogfight (1991)

The first portion of the film is set on November 21, 1963 (the day before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated). Birdlace and three of his Marine buddies have arrived in San Francisco for twenty-four hours, before shipping off to Vietnam, and are planning on attending a "dogfight" (a party ...

True Love (1989)

True Love is a 1989 American comedy film directed by Nancy Savoca. An unflinching look at the realities of love and marriage which offers no "happily ever after" ending, it won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1989 Sundance Film Festival.