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Ned Bellamy

Ned Bellamy

Birthdate: May 7, 1957

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ned Bellamy (born May 7, 1957) is an American actor. Bellamy was born in Dayton, Ohio. After graduating UCLA, he founded the Los Angeles based theater company The Actors' Gang with fellow actor Tim Robbins. He was featured on a role on an episode of Seinfeld entitled The Fatigues. His brother, Mark Bellamy, was the United States Ambassador to Kenya from 2003-2006. Descripti... ...detailed bio


The Paperboy (2012)

An idealistic reporter and his brother, Ward Jansen and Jack Jansen, investigate the events surrounding a murder in an effort to exonerate a man on death row, Hillary van Wetter. Van Wetter has been jailed for the murder of an unscrupulous local sheriff, Thurmond Call. Call had previously stomped...

Crazy Eyes (2012)

Zack (Haas) is a young, divorced father who starts to develop romantic feelings towards his friend Rebecca (Zima), whom he refers to as "Crazy Eyes". He spends a lot of time at a bar run by his best friend Dan Drake (Busey) and hanging out with Autumn (Raymonde). As he pursues a sexual relationsh...

Saw VII (2010)

In a flashback sequence following the first film, Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) crawls from the bathroom to find help after sawing off his foot. Along the way, he reaches a steam pipe and uses it to cauterize his ankle stump. In the present, Ryan (Jon Cor) and Brad (Sebastian Pigott) awaken in...

Twilight (2008)

No overview found.

War Inc. (2008)

The film opens in a bar in Nunavut when hitman Brand Hauser (John Cusack) shoots and kills three men at the bar. He takes pictures of the men with his phone, sends the pictures, and then throws the phone into a burning garbage can. Hauser is then seen on a plane getting directions and advice fro...

Wind Chill (2007)

Prior to Christmas break, an unnamed female student (Emily Blunt) at a Pennsylvania university uses the campus ride share board to find a ride home to Wilmington, Delaware on 23 December. She finds a ride, which turns out to be a male student (Ashton Holmes), also unnamed ("the guy" in the credit...

Skills Like This (2007)

Skills Like This is a 2009 comedy film directed by Monty Miranda, written by Spencer Berger and distributed by Shadow Distribution released theatrically on March 20, 2009. The DVD released on November 17, 2009 and the Premium Cable premiere on Starz and Starz On Demand 1.1. 2010. It stars Berger,...

One Way (2006)

Eddie Schneider (Til Schweiger) is a charismatic and successful creative director at a top advertising agency in New York. A master of communication, his pitching skills are legendary, and he never loses an account. Eddie is engaged to Judy Birk (Stephanie von Pfetten), the boss’s daughter. Eddie...

The Contract (2006)

Frank Carden (Morgan Freeman) is a professional assassin who has been hired to kill a reclusive billionaire named Lydell Hammond, Sr., a vocal opponent of stem cell research. Carden's plan goes awry when he gets injured in a car accident and ends up in the hospital. When hospital staff see his gu...

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)

In the town of Kickapoo, Missouri, a young Jack Black (also known as "JB" or "Jables") is punished by his strictly religious father (Meat Loaf) for playing rock music. While shut in his room, JB asks for guidance from his poster of Ronnie James Dio, who springs to life and tells him to go to Holl...

Two Tickets to Paradise (2006)

The story revolves around three 40-ish lifelong friends from Pennsylvania who go on a road trip in search of themselves. The friends have just two tickets to a major college bowl game in Florida, and along the way the friends run into a few surprises, and some serious self-discovery.

The Ice Harvest (2005)

On Christmas Eve in Wichita, Kansas, mob lawyer Charlie Arglist (John Cusack) and crooked businessman and pornographer Vic Cavanaugh (Billy Bob Thornton) gather together the $2 million they have stolen from their mob boss Bill Guerrard (Randy Quaid). While it initially appears that there will be ...

London (2005)

Syd (Chris Evans) receives a phone call from a friend informing him that his ex-girlfriend London (Jessica Biel) is having a going-away party before she moves to California with her new boyfriend in a few days. Syd, who has been deeply depressed since London dumped him, flies into a rage upon hea...

Saw (2004)

Adam Stanheight, a photographer, awakens in a full bathtub in a disused bathroom along with Dr. Lawrence Gordon, an oncologist, who turns on the lights. Both men are chained at the ankle to pipes at opposite ends of the room. Lying between them is a corpse in a small pool of blood holding a revol...

Antitrust (2001)

Working with his three friends at their new software development company Skullbocks, Stanford graduate Milo Hoffman (Phillippe) is contacted by CEO Gary Winston (Robbins) of NURV (Never Underestimate Radical Vision) for a very attractive programming position: a fat paycheck, an almost-unrestraine...

Takedown (2000)

For years Kevin Mitnick -– the most notorious computer hacker in the nation -- had eluded Federal agents while using the latest electronic gadgetry to break into countless computers and gain access to sensitive and valuable information. But when he breaches the system of leading computer crimes e...

Being John Malkovich (1999)

Craig Schwartz is an unemployed puppeteer in a forlorn marriage with his pet-obsessed wife Lotte. Gaining a file clerk job through Dr. Lester at LesterCorp, in the strange Floor 7½ low-ceiling offices of the Mertin Flemmer Building in New York City, he develops an attraction to his co-worker Maxi...

Mystery Men (1999)

In the fictional metropolis of Champion City, three men (Mr. Furious, The Shoveler, and The Blue Raja – played by Ben Stiller, William H. Macy, and Hank Azaria respectively) attempt to make a name for themselves as superheroes, but find themselves upstaged by the well-sponsored Captain Amazing (G...

Angel's Dance (1999)

Tony wants to be a hitman for the Mafia, but first he has to learn from a master. Enter Stevie "California" Rossellini - cool, eats veggie dogs and quotes Nietzsche. Greco may not agree with Stevie's style, but he has to complete his training so he can go back and kill the Mafia's accountant, who...

Cobb (1994)

Sportswriter Al Stump (Robert Wuhl) is hired in 1959 as ghostwriter of an authorized autobiography of the great Tyrus Raymond "Ty" Cobb, one of the best baseball players of all time. Now 72 and in failing health, Cobb (Tommy Lee Jones) wants an official biography to "set the record straight" befo...