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Neville Brand

Neville Brand

Birthdate: August 13, 1920

Deathdate: April 16, 1992

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Neville Brand (August 13, 1920 - April 16, 1992) was an American television and movie actor. Description above from the Wikipedia article Neville Brand  licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Evils of the Night (1985)

Vampire aliens Dr. Kozmar (Carradine), Dr. Zarma (Newmar) and Cora (Louise) recruit two dim-witted mechanics (Ray and Brand) to abduct teenagers living in a college town and bring them to a rural hospital. There, the aliens drain them of their blood, which they need to stay young. Reviews were ge...

The Ninth Configuration (1980)

A large castle is being used by the US Government as an insane asylum for military personnel. Among the many patients there is a former astronaut, Billy Cutshaw, who aborted a moon launch and was dragged screaming from the capsule. Colonel Kane, a former member of a United States Marine Corps sp...

Without Warning (1980)

A father and son go hunting in the mountains. Before they can begin hunting, which the son does not want to do anyway, they are killed by flying jellyfish-like creatures, which penetrate their skin with needle-tipped tentacles. Some time later, four teenagers, Tom, Greg, Beth and Sandy, hike in ...

Hi-Riders (1978)

Mark and Lynn (Darby Hinton and Diana Peterson) get caught up in a story of hatred and revenge after trying to collect on a bet with a Hi-Rider. The Hi-Riders are challenged to a drag race by one of the local hot heads and in a spectacular explosion both drivers are killed. The local boy's father...

The Mouse and His Child (1977)

The Mouse and his child are two parts of a single small wind-up toy, which must be wound up by means of a key in the father's back. After having been unboxed, they discover themselves in a toy shop where they befriend a toy elephant and toy seal. The child mouse proposes staying at the shop to fo...

Eaten Alive (1977)

After refusing a request from frisky customer Buck (Robert Englund), prostitute Clara Wood (Roberta Collins) is evicted from the town brothel by the madam, Miss Hattie (Carolyn Jones). Clara makes her way to a decrepit hotel where she encounters the mentally disturbed proprietor Judd (Neville Bra...

Psychic Killer (1975)

Mental patient Arnold Masters, hospitalized for a murder he didn't commit, learns astral projection--the art of leaving one's physical body and transporting the soul someplace else--from a fellow inmate. Upon his release, Arnold uses his new powers to bump off the people he holds responsible for ...

Killdozer! (1974)

An ancient meteorite crashes onto the Earth's surface. Six construction workers later begin work building an airstrip at the site, on an island off the coast of Africa. Foreman Kelly (Clint Walker) and bulldozer driver Mack (Robert Urich) uncover the meteorite, which emits a strange sound. When ...

Cahill U.S. Marshal (1973)

While J.D. Cahill (John Wayne), a widower and U.S. Marshal, is away from home, his two sons Danny (Gary Grimes) and Billy (Clay O'Brien) aid Abe Fraser (George Kennedy) and his gang to escape from jail and to rob a bank. The town's sheriff is shot and killed during the robbery. Billy hides the st...

The Mad Bomber (1973)

The Mad Bomber is a 1973 film directed by Bert I. Gordon. It stars Vince Edwards and Chuck Connors.

Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

A change-of-command ceremony aboard the Japanese battleship Nagato, flagship for the newly appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (S? Yamamura) takes place in 1941. He takes command from Zengo Yoshida (Junya Usami). The two discuss America's embargo that starv...

That Darn Cat! (1965)

"Darn Cat" or "DC" is a wily, adventurous Siamese tomcat who lives with two young women, suburbanite sisters Ingrid (Dorothy Provine) and Patti Randall (Hayley Mills), whose parents are traveling abroad at the time of the story. One night, while making his rounds around town, teasing Blitzy the B...

Birdman of Alcatraz (1962)

Robert Stroud (Lancaster) is imprisoned as a young man for committing a murder in Alaska. He is shown as a rebellious inmate, fighting against a rigid prison system: on his way to jail by train he breaks open the window to allow the suffocating inmates to breathe. His rebellious attitude puts him...

The Last Sunset (1961)

Brendan O'Malley (Douglas) crosses the border into Mexico to escape justice for a murder. He arrives at the ranch of a former lover, Belle Breckenridge (Malone) and her husband, the drunkard and coward John Breckenridge (Joseph Cotten). O'Malley meets her daughter Melissa (Carol Lynley). He is im...

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960)

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a 1960 film directed by Michael Curtiz. Based on the famous Mark Twain novel of the same name, it was the third sound film version of the story and the second filmed by MGM. The film also boasts several firsts – it was the first adaptation of Huckleberry Finn...

Cry Terror! (1958)

Paul Hoplin is mastermind of a crime to collect a $500,000 ransom, threatening to use an explosive device that Jim Molner designed. He and his gang are holding Molner, wife Joan and young daughter Patty hostage. FBI agents gather in New York with representatives of an airline. Hoplin has been se...

Badman's Country (1958)

Pat Garrett arrives in Abilene where he catches five of Butch Cassidy's gang. He calls in Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson and they learn there is a half million dollar shipment of money arriving by train and Cassidy is amassing enough men to take it.

The Tin Star (1957)

Universally disdained, bounty hunter Morgan Hickman (Henry Fonda) arrives in a small town with a dead outlaw in tow. While the town's population openly abhors Hickman, young sheriff Ben Owens (Anthony Perkins) admires the man for taking everything in stride and knowing how to handle dangerous sit...

The Lonely Man (1957)


Love Me Tender (1956)

Presley plays Clint Reno, the youngest of the four Reno brothers who stays home to take care of his mother and the family farm as older brothers Vance, Brett and Ray fight in the American Civil War for the Confederate Army. The family is mistakenly informed that eldest brother Vance has been kill...