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Nigel Balchin

Nigel Balchin

Birthdate: December 3, 1908

Deathdate: May 17, 1970

?Nigel Balchin was an eminent 20th-century novelist and screenwriter. Born in Wiltshire in 1908, he had a successful early career as an industrial psychologist. Whilst seconded to Rowntree’s, he was intimately involved in the launch of Black Magic chocolates. During World War Two, Balchin worked first for the Ministry of Food and later for the Army, ending the War as Deputy Scientific Adviser to the Army Council, ... ...detailed bio


Separate Lies (2005)

"No life is perfect - even if it seems to be," says James Manning, a wealthy London solicitor. When it comes to matters of right and wrong, he likes to think of himself as inflexible. Anne, his much younger wife, is accommodating and dutiful and likes the life they lead, the house in London, the ...

Barabbas (1962)

Shortly before the crucifixion of Christ, Pontius Pilate offers to release either Jesus Christ or Barabbas in keeping with the local custom. As the Bible story goes, Barabbas is the one the crowd chooses. Barabbas leaves and returns to his friends; his friends are glad to see him, but Barabbas wa...

The Singer Not the Song (1961)

A priest, Father Michael Keogh (John Mills), is sent by Rome to Quantana, a remote Mexican town which is under the control of a ruthless bandito, Anacleto Komachi (Dirk Bogarde). Anacleto is educated and intelligent, and has a "down" on the Church, but he finds in Keogh a man he strangely admires...

Suspect (1960)

Suspect is a 1960 British thriller film directed by Roy Boulting and John Boulting. It starred Tony Britton, Virginia Maskell, Ian Bannen, Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence. A young scientist's pioneering work and his acquaintance with subversive anti-government groups attract the attention of t...

23 Paces to Baker Street (1956)

23 Paces to Baker Street is a 1956 American drama film released by 20th Century Fox. It stars Van Johnson and Vera Miles. The Hitchcockian mystery thriller, filmed in Cinemascope on location in London, focuses on Philip Hannon, a blind playwright who overhears a partial conversation he believes i...

The Man Who Never Was (1956)

The true story of a British effort to trick the Germans into weakening Sicily's defenses before the 1943 attack. A dead soldier is dressed as a British officer and outfitted with faked papers showing that the Allies were intending to invade occupied Greece. His body is put into the sea where it w...

Malta Story (1953)

In 1942, Britain is trying hard to keep Malta while invasion seems imminent and Italians and Germans are regularly bombing the airfields and towns regardless. The RAF fight to survive against the odds using the few fighter aircraft available. Flight Lt. Peter Ross (Alec Guinness), an archaeologis...

Mandy (1952)

Harry and Christine Garland have a deaf-mute daughter, Mandy. As they realise their daughter's situation, the parents enrol Mandy in special education classes to try to get her to speak. They quarrel in the process and their marriage comes under strain. There are also hints of a possible affair b...

The Small Back Room (1952)

Sammy Rice (David Farrar) is a British scientist working with a specialist "back room" team in London during World War II. Rice is embittered because he feels military scientific research is being incompetently managed. He is also enduring unremitting pain from his artificial foot. The painkiller...

Mine Own Executioner (1947)

Felix Milne (Meredith) is an overworked psychologist with psychological problems of his own. Molly Lucian has a husband traumatized from having been in a Japanese POW camp, and she needs Milne's help in treating her husband, Adam. Adam is about to become severely schizophrenic. To make matters wo...