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Norman Krasna

Norman Krasna

Birthdate: November 7, 1909

Deathdate: November 1, 1984


Sunday in New York (1963)

Eileen Tyler (Fonda) is a 22-year-old Albany Times Union music critic and is suffering from her breakup with Russ (Robert Culp) from a rich Albany family. She comes to New York City to visit her brother Adam (Robertson), who is an airline pilot. Eileen confides to her brother that she thinks she ...

My Geisha (1962)

Paul Robaix (Montand), a famous director, wants to shoot a film in Japan inspired by Madama Butterfly. His wife, an actress named Lucy Dell (MacLaine), has been the leading lady in all of his greatest films, and she is more famous. He feels that she overshadows him and he would like to achieve su...

Who Was That Lady? (1960)

College chemistry professor David Wilson is caught by his wife in his lab, kissing another woman. Ann Wilson immediately wants a divorce. Dave prevails upon his best friend and Army buddy, Michael Haney, a CBS Television writer, to help him out of this jam. Haney comes up with a scheme in which W...

Let's Make Love (1960)

The plot revolves around billionaire Jean-Marc Clement (Montand) who learns that he is to be satirized in an off-Broadway revue. After going to the theatre, he sees Amanda Dell (Monroe) rehearsing the Cole Porter song "My Heart Belongs to Daddy", and by accident the director thinks him an actor s...

Indiscreet (1958)

Anna Kalman is an accomplished London-based actress who has given up hope of finding the man of her dreams. Through her brother-in-law she meets a handsome economist, Philip Adams, and they fall in love. However, he is keeping a secret from her. As opposed to being a married man who pretends to b...

The Ambassador's Daughter (1956)

When a visiting American senator decides to make Paris off-limits to rowdy military personnel, the daughter of the Ambassador to France decides to show him that American servicemen can be gentlemen by dating one of them without revealing her lofty social status.

Bundle of Joy (1956)

Bundle of Joy (1956) is a musical remake of the comedy film Bachelor Mother (1939). It stars Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and Adolphe Menjou. An unmarried salesgirl at a department store finds and takes care of an abandoned baby. Much confusion results when her co-workers assume the child is he...

White Christmas (1954)

On Christmas Eve, 1944, somewhere in Europe, two World War II U.S. Army buddies, one a Broadway entertainer, Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby), the other a would-be entertainer, Phil Davis (Danny Kaye) give a show to the troops of the 151st Division in a forward area. But the mood is somber: word has com...

Clash by Night (1952)

Mae Doyle (Barbara Stanwyck) returns to her home town, the fishing village of Monterey, California after ten years "back East." Her fisherman brother Joe (Keith Andes) is not particularly pleased to see her, but accepts her back into the family home. His girlfriend Peggy (Marilyn Monroe) is mor...

The Blue Veil (1951)

Following the death of her newborn baby, war widow LouLou Mason accepts a temporary two-week assignment as nursemaid to the infant son of corset manufacturer Frederick K. Begley, who lost his wife in childbirth. She ingratiates herself with the family and eventually becomes a permanent fixture. W...

Dear Ruth (1947)

Dear Ruth is a 1947 romantic comedy film starring Joan Caulfield, William Holden, Mona Freeman, and Edward Arnold. It was based on the Broadway play of the same name by Norman Krasna. A teenage girl has a soldier for a pen pal, but uses her older sister's name and photograph. Then the man shows u...

Princess O'Rourke (1943)

Princess Maria (Olivia De Havilland) and her uncle Holman (Charles Coburn) are forced into exile when their country is invaded by the Nazis in World War II. Holman is anxious to have his niece get married and produce a male heir as soon as possible, but she is not interested in his choice, Count...

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941)

Ann (Carole Lombard) and David Smith (Robert Montgomery) are a married couple living in New York who, though happy, often have fights that last for days. One morning, Ann asks David if he had to do it over again, would he marry her? To her disappointment, he answers he wouldn't. Later that day, t...

The Flame of New Orleans (1941)

The legend of "Claire of New Orleans" is born after two fishermen find a wedding dress floating around on the Mississippi River one day. The legend tells that the Countess Claire Ledux disappeared on her wedding day in the year of 1840, and when the dress was found, the people of New Orleans assu...

It Started with Eve (1941)

It Started with Eve is a 1941 American musical romantic comedy film directed by Henry Koster and starring Deanna Durbin, Robert Cummings, and Charles Laughton. Based on a story by Hanns Kräly, the film is about a man whose dying father wants to meet his son's new fiancée, but she is unavailable, ...

The Devil and Miss Jones (1941)

Cantankerous tycoon John P. Merrick (Charles Coburn) goes undercover as a shoe clerk at his own New York department store to identify agitators trying to form a union, after seeing a newspaper picture of his employees hanging him in effigy. He befriends fellow clerk Mary Jones (Jean Arthur) and h...

Bachelor Mother (1939)

Polly Parrish (Ginger Rogers) is a salesgirl at the department store John B. Merlin and Son in New York City who has just been told that since the Christmas season is ending she is going to be dismissed. During her lunch break, she sees a stranger leaving a baby on the steps of an orphanage. Fear...

You and Me (1938)

You and Me is a 1938 film by Fritz Lang. Sylvia Sidney and George Raft play a pair of criminals on parole and working in a department store full of similar cases; Harry Carey's character routinely hires ex-convicts to staff his store. The movie was written by Norman Krasna and Virginia Van Upp, a...

Wife vs. Secretary (1936)

Magazine publisher Van Stanhope (Clark Gable) and his wife, Linda, (Myrna Loy) are celebrating their third wedding anniversary. They are very much in love and Van gives Linda a diamond bracelet. However, Van's secretary, the beautiful Helen "Whitey" Wilson (Jean Harlow), is thought by Van's moth...

Hands Across the Table (1935)

Brought up in poverty, hotel manicurist Regi Allen (Lombard) wants to marry a rich husband. Her new client, wheelchair-using hotel guest Allen Macklyn (Bellamy) is immediately attracted to her and becomes her confidant. Despite his obvious wealth, Regi does not view him as a potential husband, an...