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Norman Reilly Raine

Norman Reilly Raine

Birthdate: June 23, 1894

Deathdate: July 19, 1971


Captain Kidd (1945)

In 1699, William Kidd (Charles Laughton), a ruthless pirate who has recently captured the ship The Twelve Apostles and killed its crew, presents himself at the court of King William III (Henry Daniell) as an honest shipmaster seeking royal backing. With this backing, he recruits a crew from the i...

Captains of the Clouds (1942)

Brian MacLean (James Cagney), Johnny Dutton (Dennis Morgan), "Tiny" Murphy (Alan Hale, Sr.), "Blimp" Lebec (George Tobias), and "Scrounger" Harris (Reginald Gardiner) are Waco-flying bush pilots competing for business in rugged Northern Ontario, Canada in 1939, as the Second World War is beginnin...

Virginia City (1940)

Union officer Kerry Bradford (Errol Flynn) stages a daring escape from a Confederate prison run by prison commander Vance Irby (Randolph Scott) after learning that the rebels plan to smuggle five million dollars in gold from Virginia City, Nevada (in Union territory), to Texas, from where it can ...

Each Dawn I Die (1939)

Frank Ross (Cagney) is a crusading reporter for a big city newspaper who is on the trail of a crooked assistant D.A., Jesse Hanley who is running for Governor. At the Banton Construction Co., Ross sees Hanley and his men burning books and ledgers before a possible investigation brought about by t...

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

When Richard the Lionheart (Ian Hunter), the King of England, is taken captive by Leopold of Austria while returning from the Crusades, his brother John (Claude Rains) takes power and proceeds to oppress the Saxon commoners. Prince John raises their taxes, supposedly to raise Richard's ransom, bu...

The Life of Emile Zola (1937)

Struggling writer Émile Zola (Paul Muni) shares a drafty Paris attic with his friend, painter Paul Cézanne (Vladimir Sokoloff). A chance encounter with a street prostitute (Erin O'Brien-Moore) hiding from a police raid leads to his first bestseller, Nana, an exposé of the steamy underside of Pari...