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Paul Cavanagh

Paul Cavanagh

Birthdate: December 8, 1888

Deathdate: March 15, 1964


The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (1959)

Jonathan Drake (Eduard Franz), a university professor specializing in the occult, is summoned to the home of his brother, Kenneth Drake (Paul Cavanagh), when a family curse threatens Kenneth's life. Jonathan Drake arrives too late to save his brother from a violent death and subsequent decapitati...

The Man Who Turned to Stone (1957)

A group of 18th-century scientists, led by Dr. Murdock, have remained young after all these centuries by using electricity to suck the life out of young women. If one of the scientists misses a treatment, his skin hardens to the toughness of stone. A female prisoner discovers why so many of her f...

Magnificent Obsession (1954)

Spoiled playboy Bob Merrick's (Rock Hudson) reckless behavior causes him to lose control of his speed boat. Rescuers send for the nearest resuscitator, located in Dr. Phillips's house across the lake. While the resuscitator is being used to save Merrick, Dr. Phillips suffers a heart attack and di...

Port Sinister (1953)

Port Sinister (1953), known as Beast of Paradise Isle in the UK is an adventure/science fiction film written by Jack Pollexfen and Aubrey Wisberg and directed by Harold Daniels. The plot synopsis consists of a 17th-century Caribbean city of Port Royal which has been long rumoured to have been vis...

The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951)

The film begins with a pre-credit sequence depicting Operation Flipper, a British commando raid whose aim is to assassinate Rommel. It fails. After the credits, the story is introduced by narrator Michael Rennie, who dubs the voice of then Lieutenant-Colonel Desmond Young, who plays himself in t...

Bride of the Gorilla (1951)

Deep in the South American jungles, plantation manager Barney Chavez (Burr) kills his elderly employer in order to get to his beautiful wife Dina Van Gelder (Payton). However, an old native witch witnesses the crime and puts a curse on Barney, who soon after finds himself turning nightly into a r...

The Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951)

The film begins with a prologue set in 1860, where Mr. Hyde is chased down in the streets of London, after murdering his wife at their Soho flat. He escapes to the house of Dr. Jekyll, where he prepares the potion that will transform him back to the respected doctor. Unfortunately, the mob has al...

Hi-Jacked (1950)

A parolee, working for a trucking line, struggles to clear his name after being accused of involvement with hijackers.

Humoresque (1946)

In New York City a performance by noted violinist Paul Boray (John Garfield) is cancelled. At his apartment, Boray is at rock bottom emotionally. His manager Frederic Bauer (Richard Gaines) is angry with him for misunderstanding what a performing career would be like, and for thinking that music ...

Wife Wanted (1946)

Carole Raymond (Francis) is a film star whose best years are behind her so she decides to buy in a real estate plan with Jeff Caldwell (Cavanagh), who's really running a illegitimate matrimonial service.

The Verdict (1946)

George Edward Grodman (Greenstreet), a respected superintendent at Scotland Yard in 1890, makes a mistake in an investigation that causes the execution of an innocent man. He takes the blame for his error, is dismissed from his position as superintendent and replaced by the obnoxious and gloating...

Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear (1945)

Holmes is visited by Mr. Chalmers, an insurance agent with a strange tale. Seven elderly single men, calling themselves "The Good Comrades", live together in the remote Scottish castle of Drearcliffe House, near the village of Inverneill. Recently one of the "Good Comrades" received a strange mes...

The Woman in Green (1945)

When several women are murdered and their forefingers severed, Holmes and Watson are called into action, but Holmes is baffled by the crimes at the start. Widower Sir George Fenwick (Paul Cavanagh), after a romantic night alone with his girlfriend Lydia Marlowe (Hillary Brooke), is hypnotized int...

The Scarlet Claw (1944)

Holmes and Watson are in Canada attending a conference on the occult, when Lord Penrose receives a message that his wife Lady Penrose has been murdered in the small village of La Mort Rouge. Holmes and Watson are about to return to England when Holmes receives a telegram from Lady Penrose, issued...

Marriage Is a Private Affair (1944)

Theo has had many boyfriends who wanted to marry her. Since her mother, Mrs. Selworth, has been married many times, Theo is unsure of commitment. Without much thought, she finally accepts the proposal of Air Corps Lieutenant Tom West. After the honeymoon, Tom's father dies and Tom goes into the d...

The Hard Way (1943)

Helen Chernen is an ambitious woman, determined to once and for all become rich. She pushes her younger sister Katie into a marriage with singer/dancer Albert Runkel. Katie has no interest in the man, but is desperate to leave the poor conditions she and her sister live in. Runkel's partner Paul...

The Gorilla Man (1943)

A wounded soldier discovers his hospital is secretly run by the Nazis.

Captains of the Clouds (1942)

Brian MacLean (James Cagney), Johnny Dutton (Dennis Morgan), "Tiny" Murphy (Alan Hale, Sr.), "Blimp" Lebec (George Tobias), and "Scrounger" Harris (Reginald Gardiner) are Waco-flying bush pilots competing for business in rugged Northern Ontario, Canada in 1939, as the Second World War is beginnin...

Pacific Rendezvous (1942)

Pacific Rendezvous is a 1942 film directed by George Sidney. It stars Lee Bowman and Jean Rogers.

Shadows on the Stairs (1941)

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