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Paul L. Smith

Paul L. Smith

Birthdate: February 5, 1939

Paul L. Smith (born February 5, 1939) is an American character actor. Burly, bearded, and imposing, he has appeared in films and occasionally on TV since the 1970s, generally playing "heavies" and bad guys. His most notable roles include Hamidou, the vicious prison warden in Midnight Express (1978), Bluto in Robert Altman's Popeye (1980) and the Beast Rabban in David Lynch's Dune (1984). He is sometimes credite... ...detailed bio


Maverick (1994)

The story, set in the American Old West, is a first-person account by wisecracking gambler Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson), of his misadventures on the way to a major five-card draw poker tournament. Besides wanting to win the tournament for the prize money, he also wants to prove, once and for all, t...

Sonny Boy (1990)


Ten Little Indians (1989)

The plot remains the same as in all previous adaptations. As he did in his other versions, producer Towers has yet again changed the locale of the action, this time to the African savanna. A group of 10 disparate people, strangers to each other, have all traveled to Africa believing they have won...

Gor (1988)

After being snubbed before a weekend-getaway by his teaching assistant, socially awkward professor of history Tarl Cabot accidentally unlocks the magical properties of a ring which transports him to the planet Gor. After his arrival, Cabot encounters a village being attacked by the army of the ty...

Death Chase (1988)


Haunted Honeymoon (1986)

Larry Abbot (Wilder) and Vickie Pearle (Radner) are performers on radio's "Manhattan Mystery Theater" who decide to get married. Larry has been plagued with on-air panic attacks and speech impediments since proposing marriage. Vickie thinks it's just pre-wedding jitters, but his affliction could ...

Crimewave (1986)

The film begins with a shot of Victor Ajax (Reed Birney), who has been sentenced to death, sitting in an electric chair. The film then flashes back to show that Victor once was a promising young technician in the employ of Trend-Odegard Security. Mr. Trend (Edward R. Pressman), co-owner of the co...

Red Sonja (1985)

Red Sonja is visited by a spirit who grants her the strength to seek her revenge against Queen Gedren. In a flashback scene, Gedren murders Red Sonja's brother and parents after Sonja rejects the queen's sexual advances, and Sonja is raped by Gedren's troops. Later, Gedren's army and her aide-de...

Jungle Warriors (1984)

Jungle Warriors, AKA The Czar of Brazil (Euer Weg führt durch die Hölle on Germany) is an action film, released in USA on November 1984. The movie was shot on Mexico and the old West Germany, but recreating the scenario of a South American jungle. Though is not a well-known film, it stars -among ...

Dune (1984)

In the far future, the known universe is ruled by Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV (Ferrer). The most important substance in his galactic empire is the spice melange. The spice has many special properties, such as extending life and expanding consciousness. The most profitable of its propertie...

Pieces (1983)

In 1942, a 10 year old boy named Timmy plays with a jigsaw puzzle of a nude woman when his mother walks in. She chastises him for it. The mother orders Timmy to get a plastic bag because "I'm gonna burn everything." Timmy gruesomely murders her with an axe instead of getting the plastic bag. The...

Popeye (1980)

Popeye (Robin Williams), a sailor, arrives at the small coastal town of Sweethaven ("Sweethaven - An Anthem") while searching for his long-lost father. He is immediately feared by the townsfolk simply because he is a stranger ("Blow Me Down"), and is accosted by a greedy taxman (Donald Moffat). H...

Return of the Tiger (1979)

The thriving narcotics smuggling operations in Bangkok are headed by rival American and Chinese interests. The former is led by huge bearded nightclub owner, menacingly played by Paul Smith. His bitter rival Tse-Chan goes to elaborate lengths to have him "eliminated." The honors, however, fall t...

Disaster on the Coastliner (1979)

Seeking revenge, a railroad employee puts two passenger trains on a collision course in this made-for-TV disaster movie.

The In-Laws (1979)

The daughter of mild-mannered Manhattan dentist Sheldon "Shelly" Kornpett (Alan Arkin) and the son of businessman Vince Ricardo (Peter Falk) are engaged to be married. At an introductory dinner in which Shelly meets his new in-law Vince, he finds Vince suspicious; during the dinner, Vince tells a...

Midnight Express (1978)

On 6 October 1970, while on holiday in Istanbul, Turkey, American college student Billy Hayes straps 2kg of hashish blocks to his chest. While attempting to board a plane back to the United States with his girlfriend, Susan, Billy is arrested by Turkish police on high alert, due to fear of terror...

21 Hours at Munich (1976)

A dramatization of the incident in 1972 when Arab terrorists broke into the Olympic compound in Munich and murdered 11 Israeli athletes.

Carambola, filotto... tutti in buca (1975)

No overview found.

The Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus (1973)

Johnny Cash appears in and narrates this version of the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection.