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Paul Lambert

Paul Lambert

Birthdate: August 1, 1922

Deathdate: April 27, 1997


Soldier's Revenge (1986)

A marine returns to the States after having fought in Vietnam. Back home he is considered to be traitor.

Avenging Angel (1985)

Molly (Betsy Russell, taking over from Donna Wilkes) is off the streets and studying to become a lawyer. Molly learns that Lt. Andrews, the person who helped her leave her past life, was murdered. Now she is back to avenge his killing. She seeks to track down the only witness, Johnny Glitter, and...

Death Wish II (1982)

A special report declares an increase of federal crimes in Los Angeles. At his new residence, Paul Kersey's maid, Rosario (Silvana Gallardo), is preparing dinner. He seems to have picked up the pieces of his New York life and moved on, now dating KABC news/radio reporter Geri Nichols (played by B...

Wrong Is Right (1982)

In the near future, violence has become something of a national sport and television news has fallen to tabloid depths. Patrick Hale (Sean Connery), a globe-trotting reporter with access to a staggering array of world leaders, has ventured to the Arab country of Hegreb to interview his old acquai...

Sparkle (1976)

The movie starts at 1958's Harlem, New York. The Williams sisters – Sister (Lonette McKee), Dolores (Dwan Smith), and Sparkle (Irene Cara) – are singers in their local church's teenagers' choir along with their friends Stix (Philip Michael Thomas) and Levi (Dorian Harewood). The girls' mother, Ef...

The Execution of Private Slovik (1974)

The book and the film tell the story of Private Eddie Slovik, the only American soldier to be executed for desertion since the American Civil War. The film starred Martin Sheen as Private Slovik, a performance for which he received an Emmy Award nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Drama. Sheen sa...

Play It As It Lays (1972)

A Hollywood actress undergoes a psychic breakdown and recalls the traumatic events which led to her stay at a sanitarium.

All the Loving Couples (1969)

One neighborhood, three couples, and six sexual pecadillos. One guy can't be satisfied, no matter how often his wife gives it up. Next door, the husband is so dis-interested that his wife has to take care of her own needs with a vibrator. Next door to them...well, you get the idea. Finally all th...

The Big Mouth (1967)

Gerald Clamson (Jerry Lewis) is a bank examiner who loves fishing on his annual two week holiday. Unfortunately one day at the ocean he reels in an injured gangster in a scuba diving suit named Syd Valentine (also played by Lewis). Syd tells Gerald about diamonds he has stolen from the other gang...

Spartacus (1960)

In the 1st century BC, the Roman Republic has slid into corruption, its menial work done by armies of slaves. One of these, a proud and gifted man named Spartacus, is so uncooperative in his servitude that he is sentenced to fight as a gladiator. He is trained at a school run by the unctuous Roma...

Girls on the Loose (1958)

Girl gangs that stop at nothing!